Review Requests

I've had my blog for well over a year now but am doing more and more book reviews. Why is this? To put it simply I love books, I read like crazy and reviewing books is a whole lot of fun. I also like supporting authors and publishers. So, if you are an author or publisher and want me to review your novel (or novella, or anthology, or whatever it is), please send me a request using the form below. I am also willing to participate in book blog tours and cover reveals on a case by case basis.

In addition to posting the review on my blog. I will also post a small blurb with the link to this blog on Goodreads. I can also post the review to Amazon and/or Barnes and Noble on request. When I review these books I'm honest and I try to have fun with it all. After all, to me this is just that, fun!. The one thing I will never do is  attack an author. I look at the book and review it based on my opinion as a reader and that's it. I might like it, I might not, but I wouldn't take it out personally on the person who wrote it.  Also, I don't post DNFs. Unless of course you want me to, though I doubt you would. Even though I won't post DNFs, I will provide constructive feedback should this be desired.

In terms of genres, I read anything that has romance in it and to be honest, I prefer books with a HEA. (However, this does not mean it has to be all about rainbows and unicorns. I like angst, I like dark, so bring it on!)  I invite you to look over some of the reviews I have done in the past so you get an idea about my review style. At this time, please note that cliffhangers are an annoyance for me. Call it a "cliffhanger hangover" if you'd like. Just something to keep in mind.

All reviews and opinions on this blog are my own. My review request policy is subject to change at my discretion and should this occur I will update this page.