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ARC Review: The Demon's Desire by Kendra Leigh Castle

Title: The Demon's Desire (Hearts of the Fallen, #2)
Author: Kendra Leigh Castle
Publisher: Entangled Covet
Publication Date: August 26, 2013

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

From Goodreads:

He’s as dark and dangerous as the storms he once commanded…and she can’t get him out of her heart. Dru has spent two thousand years fighting to keep the people of Terra Noctem safe. In all that time, she's only opened her heart to one man, with disastrous results. But when her city takes in a group of renegade Fallen, she finds herself drawn to the brooding and tormented Meresin, despite the fact that he seems to be the least redeemable of them all. When his instability hits a breaking point, Meresin’s only chance at survival is a perilous journey into a place from which few ever return. What he never expected was that confronting his demons would mean risking not only his future, but Dru's as well...and that one stubborn vampire might give him back not just hope…but his heart.

My Thoughts:

Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. As you can see by my rating I really liked this book. Yep. Hence the 4 stars. I had reviewed on Goodreads Demon's Song, the first in this series and I was impressed. And I was definitely excited to get the second book in the series and see what other kind of mischief this band of Fallen Angels, humans, vampires and other supernaturals could get into.

In the first book we get a glimpse of hard nosed, angry, electrifying Meresin and the woman who seemed to annoy him to no end, Dru. Well, you know what they say when a guy pushes away a girl or acts mean, right? Of course he was doing it because the woman drove him crazy, making him feel things he hadn't felt in a long, long, long, time. And Dru couldn't deny the draw she felt to Meresin. Something was wrong. She knew it. She felt it. Hell, she and the rest of the inhabitants of their secret city were witnessing his downward spiral. And it was then that Uriel and Levi stepped in, giving Meresin am ultimatum: deal with his "condition" and confront his "maker", or die. Neither options was one Meresin wanted. After all, both could kill him and likely would. But he agreed anyways. As much as one could agree when given such a choice.

But what Meresin didn't count on was Dru. And what he never expected was her sacrifice for him. What she did for him changed everything. It jumpstarted his mission and in a sense, his heart. The journey we see these two take, while also taking a trip through Purgatory, was as sweet as can be when they have snarling, angry demons and the devil himself, Lucifer, after them. But their love for each other grew, even in a place where nothing grew. And it was this contrast that I found so fascinating. In a land where nothing was really alive, where there was no sun, moon, stars, or ocean; where the world was gray and lacked even basic atmospheric qualities like weather, Dru and Meresin finally found each other. And after thousands of years of struggle, torture, heartache and loneliness (among other things) Meresin had his breakthrough.

And I admit, when the climax was happening, with Lucifer and the rest of his demon horde bearing down on them, I was a bit nervous as to how it was all going to work out. The suspense was done well and the author was able to draw out the fear of Dru, a vampire who had fought for thousands of years and still survived, but still felt the edges of death closing in when she faced down the King of Hell himself. (Though how awesome was it that she totally was willing to go down in a fight, grabbing daggers and ready to go up against Lucifer. Righteous! \o/ ) But more important, the author conveyed the fear of Meresin, a warrior angel who'd been through Hell, literally, and back, and yet in that moment feared he could lose everything he ever needed; everything he ever wanted. I also found that this book definitely packed more of an emotional punch for me than the first in this series. And oh! I almost forgot, the sexy times? There aren't a lot, really only one in fact. But it was worth it. It was sweet, hot, tender and I was so happy for Meresin! I won't spoil the surprise but let's just say that I hadn't seen that twist coming, but given who Meresin is and his tragic story, it totally made sense.

The author presents an intriguing world, marrying the various supernatural creatures we've come to expect in PNR and then adding in the fight between dark and light, good and evil, heaven and hell. It's this, and the love between the main characters, that makes me want to continue to read stories set in this world. The world building and mythos of the Fallen and the fight between Heaven and Hell is just phenomenally written. And each book has left me with more questions and I love that! Don't worry. I'm not talking about the kind of questions that involve a cliffhanger. There isn't one of those. (I despise those myself!)  But instead the questions surround the other Fallen and the world they're living in. Will the Fallen all find redemption? Will they each find love and given a soul? And what of the vow between the vampire king, Justin, and the Fallen. Will they be able to keep the peace and find a home, and happiness, in the secret, underground city? I certainly hope so!

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So have you picked up this series yet or this book? What did you think? Do you like the idea of Angels as heroes and/or heroines? Sound off in the comments!

*I received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*

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