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ARC Review: The Silver Chain (The Unbreakable Trilogy, #1) by Primula Bond

Title: The Silver Chain
Author: Primula Bond
Publication: Mischief
Publication Date: July 4, 2013

My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

From Goodreads:

Bound by passion, she was powerless to resist.

One dark evening in London, photographer Serena Folkes is indulging her impulsive side with a night-time shoot. But someone is watching her – mysterious entrepreneur Gustav Levi. Serena doesn’t know it yet, but this handsome stranger will change her life forever…

Serena is fascinated by Gustav, the enigmatic owner of the Levi Gallery, and she soon feels an irresistible pull of attraction. The interest is mutual, and Gustav promises to launch Serena’s photographic career at his gallery, but only if Serena agrees to become his exclusive companion.

To mark their agreement, Gustav gives Serena a bracelet to wear at all times. Attached to it is a silver chain of which he is the keeper. With the chain Gustav controls Serena physically and symbolically – a sign that she is under his power.

As their passionate relationship intensifies, Gustav’s hold on the silver chain grows stronger. But will Gustav’s dark past tear them apart?

A seductive and beautifully written novel for erotic romance fans. The Silver Chain is the first in the sexy, passionate and addictive Unbreakable Trilogy by Primula Bond.

My Thoughts:  

Oh, where do I start with this book. I was really conflicted the entire time I read it-going from loving it to having to put it aside for a breather over several days. Usually I can main line a book in a day. With this one, no way. My brain might have exploded.

So first, let me begin with the good.

I loved the characters; I loved the set-up, and loved the symbolism of the silver chain. The silver chain and how the two characters used it, and eventually relied on it in a way, to show their connection was beautiful. As was the simple way Gustav would hook it to Serena's bracelet.  I also was impressed by the prose. The author really does have a way with words and from the first page I can see that this author is a real talent.

What about the main character, Gustav. Holy heck that man was swoon-worthy from the first time he steps onto the scene! I also enjoyed the British slang. For some it might be a bit difficult to cut through, but for me, who loves all things British (especially the accents!) I loved hearing the authenticity it brought to the heroine's voice. I felt the heroine was great too. She was enthralled, obsessed, attracted to, and intimidated by the hero but yet she still had her own personality and you could see it throughout the book.

So, what didn't I like?

There was too much of the main character inside her head. Like I mentioned, I loved the prose. This author's writing is something that I don't see very often so that in and of itself is impressive. I loved the intensity and realism she brought to the descriptions of the setting, clothing, scenery, people, etc. However at times (and sadly there were a bit too many of them throughout this book) I felt like I was drowning in the words, and not in a good way. And the constant internal dialogue, the heroine's constant inner thoughts and struggles, distracted from the story itself. It came to a point where the narrative seemed to be lost and because of this I ended up skimming large chunks of pages. This internal dialogue of the main character could have, and should have, been cut down to allow for more interaction and dialogue between Serena and the other characters.

And last, there is a cliffhanger. I really do not like cliffhangers. This one however was not all that bad so I can't say that I disliked the ending completely. In fact, it really didn't bother or leave me with a feeling "son of a *itch now I have to wait a gazillion months for the next in the series!"  I am so incredibly thankful for that. Also, the big reveal wasn't much of a big reveal for me. I figured out almost immediately (and very early on) what the twist was and instead of guessing I just kept waiting for that particular shoe to drop.  This ending felt more like the end of a TV episode. This is much better than an ending where the reader is left wondering about the state of the relationship. Sure, there are likely to be some angsty times ahead-it's a trilogy after all. But it seems to be angst that I will be able to live with. I'm not sure when the second book comes out but I will be reading it to see how things turn out between Gustav and Serena.

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*I received this ARC from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.*

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