Sunday, March 10, 2013

Shampoo, Rinse & Repeat: My Week In Review

This week was such a whirlwind but I somehow made time to read, do some book reviews and make progress on my ROW80 goals while also working, eating and sleeping (or trying to). I have no idea how I accomplished it all. I just kind of...did it. Hopefully this level of productivity carries over into this week cause I could seriously get used to this feeling.

Here's what happened on the blog this week:

Devoured by Emily Snow: This is a new adult book and when I purchases this (awhile ago) I had no idea it was book 1 in a continuing series. 3.75 out of 5 stars

One Night With A Cowboy by Cat Johnson: I freaking loved this book!  I am so happy I found a new author who can write well developed characters and plot lines that are engaging and sexy. Can't wait for the second in this series! 5 out of 5 stars

Raid by Kristen Ashley: It's Kristen Ashley. Is there anything else to really say?! It was cracktastic as usual. 4.25 out of 5 stars

Oh, and any My So Called Life fans out there? This was my favorite show in the 90s. Jordan Catalano was my dream man and in fact, Jared Leto still is. Have you heard his band, Thirty Seconds to Mars?! They freaking ROCK! Anyways, if you were a fan (or still are), check this out: The 24 Most Important Things We All Learned From "My So Called Life".  There are gifs people. GIFs OF JORDAN CATALANO aka JARED LETO! *squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!*

Okay, enough fan-girling over Jordan/Jared. Well, for now. I will be watching some eps of it later to get a fix.  (Yes, I have it on DVD. I think it's also on netflix. Or was.) Anyways, here's my ROW80 update:
  • Synopsis: I am done with it and hope to do a final pass through this week for last minute editing errors. Then it will be ready to fly! *bites nails*
  • Writing: yeah, well...not so much done here. But this week, once I get midterms done and caught up on grading I will be getting back to this. 
  • Blog a min. of 3 book reviews on blog and/or GR: Done! (see above). I also posted a couple shorter reviews on GR.
  • Comment on min. 5 blogs/posts:  I hit 3. I will definitely work on this for next week.
  • Sunday Check in: Done!
  • Workout 3 times: 1.5 out of 3. Something is better than nothing, right?!  
  • Grading and Midterm prep:  I got halfway through the grading and I have a rough outline of the midterm questions for my students. I will be typing those out tonight and posting it to blackboard. I cannot believe it's already midterms, GAH!!!!
My goals for next week remain the same. I cannot believe we are nearing the end of the first round already! I did sign up for Camp Nano in April. My goal is to hit 30K words. I haven't decided which book I will be working on as yet. There is one that I started for NaNoWriMo in 2011 (I didn't hit the 50K mark that year. I only got to about 25K).  I have been itching to get back to this as it's been almost a year since I did any work on it and I miss the world I was building. It's more UF/PNR so this would a nice change of pace, I think.  I guess I have a few more weeks to figure this out for sure! 

Hope you all have had a great week and see you around the ROW! 


  1. Busy week! Good luck with Camp Nano. Hope you hit that 30k goal!

  2. You did so much this week!! Well done, Kat :D I know what you mean about getting used to the productivity. I've been getting a lot done around the house - it has me on a high! Good luck with next week and eeeee Nano!!