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Book Review: Serendipity by Carly Phillips

Title: Serendipity (Serendipity, #1)
Author: Carly Phillips
Publisher: Berkley
Publication Date: September 6, 2011

My Rating: 5 out of 5

Ethan Barron! 'Nuff said.

Okay, not really enough said. But holy heck that man is awesome.

This was a classic story of privileged girl and bad boy but there's a twist. By the time we meet the two their roles have been reversed, sort of. Faith's father has gone to jail for a ponzi scheme of epic proportions and bad boy Ethan Barron has, in the 10 years since he left town, made a name for himself and his business, making a boat load of money along the way. From their first meeting as adults you get a sweet feeling of anticipation that carries through the book and definitely pays off in the end.

From Goodreads:

Faith Harrington is a classic girl of privilege-until her father is convicted for running a Ponzi scheme. Now she's back in her hometown, where she runs into her teenage crush-dark, brooding Ethan Barron, who's no stranger to scandal himself.

My Thoughts:

Faith and Ethan have a history. They went to the same high school and Faith, when she was 16 and Ethan was 18, had an encounter on his bike that made a lasting impression on them both. And yes, we're talking motorcycle  not his Schwinn. Faith was the good girl from the right side of the tracks and Ethan was the bad boy all the girls wanted.  The ride home took a slight tour that included some hot kisses but went no further. This was a disappointment for Ethan and also for Faith, but at the time their disappointment was for different reasons.

As the book begins Ethan is heading to the home he just bought in a town he hasn't been back to in 10 years. And just like all those years ago, he spots a woman and that woman is Faith.  We soon learn that Ethan has bought the home she grew up in. The home that was seized and then sold by the government because of her father's misdeeds. Faith has moved back to town to start her new life, to pick up the pieces and start her own business. Ethan has moved back to do the same but for different reasons. Neither expected to see the other but when they do both their lives begin to take unexpected turns neither ever could have ever imagined.

For me, this is where the book took off. And just fyi, this all happens in the first few pages, where you get the short but concise back story. The romance is sweet, not rushed and incredibly sexy.  But the book goes beyond just the obvious romance elements.  It has conflict other than the usual hero versus heroine and/or big baddie vs. hero/heroine. There is pronounced unhappiness within the heroes family. I often find that  in many books either one of the main characters is non-existent or everyone gets along great.  Or, if there is conflict, it's not really explored much.  Serendipity was different. The issues between Ethan and his brothers is serious.  His brothers had a right to be pissed. And even what eventually begins to bring them together, or I should say, starts to, is not in anyway used as an "insta-fix". In fact, it seems brothers still have a ways to go to be truly past, well, the past and I felt for each one of them.  There are feelings of betrayal and blame that exist between them and like in real life, these feelings don't just go away by some magic.   I get why they were hurt. I also understand why Ethan wanted to make things better between them and was glad to see this plot point was not swept under the rug and/or rushed to a conclusion.

The bottom line is that I loved this book and the way the author has introduced the series is intriguing. I am looking forward to finding out more about the other characters and hopefully they too will get an HEA. Ms. Phillips provides just enough of a glimpse of things to come in future books that I can't not continue with this series. The second book will focus on Nash and he needs some serious lovin it seems. I have faith that Kelly can provide that though. I hope!

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*This book was a self-purchase and I was not in any way compensated for, or even asked, to review this book. All opinions are my own*

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  1. I have read the whole series & loved it! Great review!