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Book Review: One Night With A Cowboy by Cat Johnson (Oklahoma Nights, #1)

Title: One Night With A Cowboy (Oklahoma Nights, #1)
Author: Cat Johnson
Publisher: Kensington Books
Publication Date: February 26, 2013

My rating:  5 out of 5

Who knew that cowboys could be as heart stopping and sexy as military men and cops?! Why did I not know this sooner?!  I clearly need to rectify this situation now that author Cat Johnson has introduced me to the super sexy bull-riding, army man Tucker Jenkins.

From Goodreads:

One Sweet Ride…

Oh yeah. A single look at the leggy blonde in the stands and Tucker Jenkins is 
ready to buck all night long. It’s time to forget all about his cheating ex and his usual hands off policy.

One Hot Night…

Becca Hart is an East Coast professor. Not a buckle bunny. But no degree can prepare her for the moves of the sexy bull rider she hooks up with at her first rodeo … Or the shock of finding him at her first Oklahoma State University staff meeting.

One Happy Ending…

Tuck knows it’s all about holding on, no matter how wild the ride. Now he just has to convince Becca that a rough start out of the chute doesn’t mean they aren’t a smokin’ combination …

My Thoughts:

First, let's look at the cover again. Isn't that pretty? Well I don't know if pretty is the right word but it's something, yeah? *sighs and gets lost in that belt buckle*

Alright, now wipe the drool from your mouth and let's get on with the review. I won't go over the plot itself other than to say that the blurb is exactly right. Becca takes a new job after her life in New York falls apart but before she does that she visits the place she will eventually take a job. There for her interview she meets a hot cowboy, Tucker Jenkins. At her sister's urging, and needing to put the past behind her, Becca and Tucker spent one hot night together. It was amazing. But the next day, she had her interview and she left.

Of course, this is romanclandia (a place I do not mind visiting, often) so the two eventually run into each other when she takes the job at OSU and finds that he teaches in the ROTC program and coach of the college's rodeo team. Drama and lots of fun between the sheets ensues. But that drama puts a kink in things. And this kink is not the fun kind of kink. It comes in the form of a non-fraternization policy. When Tucker finds out that Becca needs the job because of her debt (from being laid off and having a douche of an ex) he puts distance between them. Except in his case it's literal distance. He goes to Afghanistan to save her job.

I have to say, when he left I was all "Tucker you dumbass!" because I mean hello! Just tell Becca! Don't go to a war zone to save her position! But did he listen? Of course not. He goes anyways. There is fighting and attacks and he and Becca have little communication. And then, and then, the drama ratchets up and gosh darn you Cat Johnson I nearly cried! I mean, the tears were right there. It was stressful and I had to get up and make a frozen pizza and have a glass of wine to drown my considerable sorrows.  But Ms. Johnson came through for me and I thank her for that.

And the end had my toes curling and my breath hitching a little bit because that was one of the sweetest endings I have ever read.

The writing itself was well done and I found no glaring editing errors.  I look forward to reading more books by this author in the future and I really, really, really cannot wait to go back to Oklahoma when the second book in this series comes out! So if you want to read a hot romance with a well thought out plot and lots of sexy times (and creative ones too! I will never ever look at honey the same again), then you might want to check this one out. Now, I'm off to find me a bull-riding cowboy. See y'all in a few days...

Here are the purchase links for the book: Amazon / Barnes and Noble

*I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*

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