Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Finishing Something Never Felt So Good...And Scary

Ever since I said I might not be able to get in Wednesday's update, I've made it. Maybe I jinxed myself (in a good way)? *shrugs* Anyways, because it's Wednesday I have to be to class super early. We are talking about The Story of An Hour by Kate Chopin today. I love that short story. Hopefully the students enjoyed reading it.

So, here are my goals for the week and the progress I've made thus far:
  • Finish edits of Finding Home by Wednesday night: Heyyyyyy Youuuuu Guyyyyssssss! (For those that may be confused...that's a total reference to one of the best movies ever: The Goonies.) I'm done! I finished! It is as done as I think it can be and's on to the next step! *flails and falls over*
  • Prepare query letter for Finding Home: Since the edits are done, this is next in the process. I've never done this before. *slowly begins to freak the heck out*
  • Spend a minimum of 2 hours/week on collaborative project: Now that the novel is done, this WiP is my focus. I cannot wait to dive into this story again especially since I have a ton of notes written  and scenes to add from my notebook. *rubs hands all evil like and laughs maniacally* 
  • Read/comment on min. of 5 blogs/updates: Done!
  • Reply to comments on this blog: In progress
  • Check in for ROW80 on Sunday: Not here yet.
  • Send out 2 resumes this week: Um, got nothing here. This took a backseat so far this week. Hopefully I can get to it by Sunday.  
  • Workout a min. of 3 times this week: 1 out of 3 as of today. 
Slow and steady progress seems to be the name of the game so far and I am happy with this. I forgot to add to my weekly goals on Sunday to do a book review either here or on Goodreads so I am adding that now.  I have a review half done that I want to get posted tomorrow. It seems that Thursday is becoming my book review day, though I never really planned this. It just sort of, happened! Oh and last week, when I reviewed Reaper's Property, the author actually stopped by and replied! She was super nice and answered a question I had. How freakin cool is that?! :D  

Alright, enough of my babbling. I need to run. I hope everyone is having a productive week and see you around the ROW!


  1. Sounds like you have a lot going on, but you are slowing whittling away at those goals. Good for you.

    Just last weekend, I was trying to come up with a list of my all-time favorite movies. Thanks for reminding me to add The Goonies. I love that stupid movie!

    1. I know right?! It's so good. And I love the message the movie has about friendship and when they totally turn the tables on the bullies (the ones they go to school with and the bad guys.) Thank you and long live the Goonies!

  2. I always thought that the Goonies use of that quote came via the old Electric Company (when Rita Moreno's character would often yell "Hey You Guys"... kind of like this: but her yell was used in almost all their opening credits too).

    (Okay, so I'm dating myself....)

    It looks like you're making amazing progress in most every direction. And so cool to get a response on your review from the author.

    Have a great rest of the week, Kat. See you at #teamsprinty here and there.

    1. Bahahahaha! I have heard of the Electric Company but never watched it. (It ended the year before I was born :D) That show looks vintage and well, awesome. Thanks for stopping by and yes, definitely see you around #row80 and #teamsprinty!