Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday's Random Musical Interlude

As I've been getting stuff done for the holidays, my music has, of course, not been very far away from me. Whether it's while I'm working, in my car, or while I've been planning Christmas Eve dinner and getting the house sorted, it's been on. At this time of year most people would be listening to Christmas music. As some of you already know, I am not most people. Not that I don't enjoy it (holiday music that is). I do. I just generally turn to whatever my mp3 player calls up and go with that. Since I have very little holiday music on it, it very rarely comes up. So this past weekend, here is some music that stuck with me, for a variety of reasons, as I went about work and my to-do list.

1. P!nk's Blow Me (One Last Kiss): I love this song. For me it's not just about relationships. It can apply to anything in your life that is keeping you down. In fact, given the post I wrote yesterday about how I (and others) can sometimes let fear hold us back, this song is especially fitting.   

2.P!nk's Try:  choreography doesn't get much better in this, at least when it comes to music videos. It is so unbelievably artistic. It's on the other end of the spectrum from the other song I linked to by her. While sometimes we need to get rid of the baggage and what is holding us back, there are other times we need to hang on tight and try our hardest to not let go. This song is especially apt for the job I do every day. Too easily people give up and give in, instead of holding on, communicating and compromising.  

Good stuff, yeah? I think so. Hope you enjoyed it and I hopefully will be bringing more random music to the blog as the New Year starts and a new round of ROW80 begins. (Yes I will again try to be more consistent with non-ROW80 blogging. It's like, a never ending goal for me!)

What songs have you been listening to lately that hit an emotional chord, make you want to dance, help you escape from the stress, or maybe just get you through the holiday crush? Let me know in the comments below! 

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