Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's The End of ROW80 Round 4 As We Know It

See what I did there? With the title? *grins*

It’s the end of ROW80 Round 4 and it’s time to wrap up the plethora of goals I had (and changed) and see where I ended up. Overall, I accomplished a lot, writing wise. I've been editing my first book, finished my second book, tinkered around with a few other WIPs I have cooking, and started a collaborative novel with my friend (You know who you are!) I haven’t hit every goal and there are places I can improve, but that will be tackled during the first Round of 2013. Now it’s time for review and reflection, so here goes.
  • Writing: I started the round with goal of writing 5K per week. I changed it in mid-October to “write 5K quality words per week.” This was much harder to do. On average I hit around 3K per week or so, but by making this change, II was striving for quality over quantity. So when I didn't hit the number I was usually okay with that. Once November 1 hit, my "5K quality words per week" goal went away totally. It morphed into “Finish NaNoWriMo.” And guess what. I DID IT! Yup. Look to the right. That’s my shiny NaNo Winner’s badge. So excited!!! This was my third try at NaNo and the first time I won. I gotta thank the ROW80 2pm EST sprinters here cause if it weren't for them, I’d have lost my motivation. Thank you guys--you are the best!
  • Finding Home (Ashten Falls Book 1): Pick a cover and get this novel out by November 1. Um yeah, no. This didn't happen. Not at all. I am still elbow deep in edits. Total fail, but…the edits/changes are for the better. So…progress, but not progress, at the same time. Or something. I'm unsure how to determine whether this was an accomplishment, fail or somewhere in between. Any thoughts?
  • Wanted (Ashten Falls Book 2): My goal was to finish the first (very rough) draft by the end of Round 4. I finished it for the most part thanks to NaNo. I have a few more scenes to write, but otherwise the draft is done. Next round my goals will be focusing on revisions and edits of this WIP. 
  • Check in for ROW80 at least one time per week: I was sporadic here, at least in November I was. Before then I was doing well with check ins. NaNo hit though and I kinda almost forgot the blog existed! I was so tuned into hitting my NaNo goal I shut everything else out. After NaNo, I hit check ins about once per week instead of two. 
  • Write a non ROW80 post once per week: I was sporadic here. I should have done better. *kicks self in the ass*
  • Stay present on twitter: Done! And by doing so, not only did I find a ton more interesting blogs, reviewers and friends to follow, I have even been participating more. I am starting to really enjoy the interactions I have with fellow twitter peeps! 
There were other non-writing/social media goals (mainly regarding work) that I had throughout the Round which I thankfully accomplished.  I sucked at my workout goals. I initially didn't have any, but the last week or so I decided to add one. I failed. Between now and the new year I need to step this up until daily yoga becomes a habit. Again.  In order to accomplish this, I will repeat this mantra from an earlier Zombie related blog post of mine in my head until it is habit: “Not getting off my ass and working out means I could die a painful, horrible, torturous death at the hands of flesh eating zombies, soul sucking demons, blood sucking vampires, throat ripping werewolves and/or evil baddies of the human variety intent on world dominance and/or destruction.”  If you are at all confused by this statement, you might want to check out the aforementioned referenced post. It will *hopefully* make more sense. :D 

Oh and my Goodreads Reading Challenge?!  I finished! *happy dance!* My goal was to read 75 books this year. As of today, I've read 100. And that doesn't count the many, many re-reads I did of Kristen Ashley's books. I'm addicted to everything she writes.

Last, as we end this round of ROW80, and this year, it should be noted that apparently there are only two days left until the end of the world. I really hope the Mayans were wrong. I have a ton of works in progress and more plot bunnies hopping around. I will be pissed if the world ends. As in seriously Mayans. Seriously! *glares*

How did you guys do? Did you hit your goals? What about the next Round-will you be suiting up again or taking a break? Congrats everyone and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! 


  1. Congratulations on getting some of your goals done! I put one goal on hiatus to focus on the book I wanted to write a lot more, and my productivity levels have been excellent ever since I made the switch.

  2. I completely reset my goals for November, with NaNo as my first goal...although, being a little bit crazy, I also took on a daily blogging challenge and maintained my ROW80 sponsor duties...that was a bit much, but I am not sorry I took it all on.

    Congratulations on your NaNo win! :)