Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thank God It's Finally Over...

The election that is.

I mean seriously. I thought my head might explode with the rabid nature of this year's election and my self imposed hiatus from the news. I turned it on last night and am glad to be able to watch real (and hopefully) non-election coverage.

At least not for 18 months  Because that's about how long it will take until we start to hear and see rumblings about Congressional elections in 2014 and the next Presidential election in 2016. I kid you not.

This is one of the problems with the US. Career politicians who end up spending more time campaigning and trying to cover their own butts than actually getting work done. And I am looking and BOTH parties here. *gives politicians on both sides my best scowly face*

This is main reason I am a firm believer in term limits for House and Senate members. If they can't rely on a job as a politician who does little but campaign and disparage the other side and had a finite amount of time to get work done, then maybe they'd do actual work. The alternative is people continue to re-elect the same people over and over and we need up with what we have now,. Gridlock  I'm not trying to be negative but seriously, over a hundred million people voted and we're left with the status quo that we had yesterday. I hope I'm wrong but history tells me that there might be a better than good chance that nothing changes. Compromise, people. It's about COMPROMISE on both sides. Spending cuts, real and serious tax reform, tax hikes for gazillonaires (*glares at Republicans*), and serious entitlement reform (*double glares at Democrats*). All of it has to be on the table.

Anyways, enough about politics right? 18 months of peace, writing and more ROW80 updates. And speaking of those updates:

Write the required amount of words for NaNo: I have been trying to make up my NaNo word count and so yesterday I sat my butt in the chair and typed away. I also got a lot of writing in while the election coverage was on in the background last night. I have 2469 words to make up as of this morning in addition to the daily 1667 for the day. I have the afternoon off so hopefully I can continue catching up.

Continue edits on Finding Home: In Progress

Post at least one ROW80 Update (either Wed. or Sun): Done :D

Post one non-ROW80 post for the week: I have an idea to get this done every week by incorporating my love of reading books and the reviews I write on Goodreads. The books I've been reading have blown me away lately, so I think I am going to start reviewing a book or two here on my blog to spread the word when I'm totally knocked off my feet by a particular novel or author. I love to read, I love to give reviews, and I am always looking for something to post about, so it all makes sense to me.

Complete major, serious, HUGE, scary work project: Done!!!  With my work project done, I can take a couple days to relax and regroup before diving into the pile on my desk. I have a busy week next week, but nothing I can't handle as long as I stay on top of things.

Now, I'm off to get some morning writing done. Hope everyone's week is going well and good luck with your goals!


  1. Great progress so far this week Kat!
    While not from the US, I completely take your point about the amount of time the candidates spend campaigning. I mean, the president still has to run the country, right? Does he ever sleep?!

    1. Thanks! And I'm thinking that no, they don't get that much sleep. Maybe that's why they all go grey so fast when they take on the Office of the Presidency! :D They have to do the work they were elected to do (or not do it) AND campaign. How can one person do all that?!

  2. I agree with term limits for Congress. Some people have been in there way too long, and they come from both R's and D's.

    Here's a post inspiration for you. Tell me about something you love (or several if you need a few posts) and why it inspires you and how it inspires or helps your writing. I've been doing a few myself as a part of a "things I love" post series and have gotten several blogging buddies to get in on it. The nice thing is when they share what they love I get new inspiration from it too. :)

  3. I'm behind on my NaNo wordcount as well --- while I won't say I enjoy this position, & wouldn't wish it on anyone, it is a relief to know I'm not the only one taking a day to catch up! We can do it, though! Go Team!!! :)

  4. Amazing progress with NanoWriMo. You'll catch up before you know it. Hope you continue to have a good week. x

  5. Yes, the idea that billions of dollars were spent on the campaigns surrounding this election is enough to make me sick to my stomach, too.

    Great job sitting down and getting the words on the page. Keep up the great work!