Monday, November 5, 2012

A Day Late...A ROW80 Update

I need a vacation. Not even somewhere tropical. Just somewhere that my phone does not have to be tethered to my ear. What did people do before cell phones? 

I mean, I remember being dropped off at the mall in my teenage years and having to bring some change to call my mom so she could come and pick us up in her Dodge Shadow (or was it a Sundance? She had both, one right after the other. Can't remember which came first). Even when I went to college I didn't have one until I was a sophomore  and even then it was one of those that came in a case and I was only ever allowed to use it if I was injured or had some dire emergency because it was like a million dollars a minute. (Okay, maybe that is an exaggeration but it was a lot and I remember being lectured about it repeatedly so it seemed really expensive at the time!)

Anyways, the point is that being accessible 24/7 and not having a moment of peace is a serious drag. So in that sense, I wish for the days of the rotary phones with the 12 foot long cords I used when I was 14 and had to stretch across my parent's kitchen so I could sit on the basement stairs while I talked to my friends. 

The good old days. Though, hindsight is 20/20, so of course there are things I am glad that have evolved since then. (Tight rolled jeans anyone and enough hairspray in my hair to cause a fire hazard?!?!) Just some that I am not so glad about, like being found so darn easily by cell phones.

Anyways, enough of my complaining. Here's my uneventful (and somewhat of a fail) update:

Write 5K words for the week: I've been stuck and it's driving me nuts. With the upheaval of the last two weeks my mind has been elsewhere and concentrating has been near impossible. I was getting a small amount of words in daily but only ended the week with 2413. That's okay though. I just need to keep trying. 

Continue edits on Finding Home: Fail. Fail. Triple Fail! I have this and I need to get to them. But every time I do I get sidetracked. I promise, that this upcoming weekend I will be working furiously to get these done. 

Post at least one ROW80 Update (either Wed. or Sun): Well I forgot to post Wed. and yesterday's post is being written today so...better late than never I guess, right?! :D 

Post one non-ROW80 post for the week: Fail. Though I have done several reviews on Goodreads of books I've read this week, but those are on GR and not here. I need to rectify this, most likely by re-blogging the reviews of my fave books here on this blog. This would kill two birds with one stone. *ponders this ides*
Complete major, serious, HUGE, scary work project: This is mostly done and just being reviewed. It will be out on Wednesday (Thursday at the latest) and therefore off my desk! YAY!!! *happy dances*
My goals for next week have changed slightly since NaNo has started and will be:
  • Write the required amount of words for NaNo: This is 1667 per day, but as long as I am on track each week (since some days I can write longer than others), I just want to target the weekly goal here. 
  • Continue edits on Finding Home
  • Post at least one ROW80 update (Wed, Sun. or both)
  • Post at least one non-ROW80 blog post
With the work project out of the way and things slowing down at work, it is time to buckle down and get my writing on.  No more excuses, just progress, right?! How are y'all doing? Anyone else doing NaNo? How is your progress going? Good luck and see you around the ROW! 


  1. Man, your week sounds almost exactly like mine! In fact, my post basically said someone needs to kick my butt. I SO want this week to be better. I've got a project at work, too, but mine's not done. :( Anyway, maybe both of us can get things together and have a better week. Good luck to you!

    I'm lucky that most people text me instead of call me. However, I have a friend whose texts look like she's writing a book. LOL

    1. Yes, I hope we both have a better week too! Things have to settle down at some point, right?! Have a great week and thanks for the support!

  2. Your experience with the edits on Finding Home is natural. Editing always takes me longer than I expect. The trick is breaking it down into manageable chunks. This is probably something that can't be finished in a day to two. :-) Good luck Green, do the best you can. I can't wait to see the published book.

    1. Yeah, and I since I am doing it on the computer and not printing out my MS, it makes it harder. I seem to take forever as I scroll down the screen and read, and re-read, sections. And thank you! I will have to check out your blog to see if your book is out yet. (I can't wait to read it!) As soon as I am done with edits, I will send you a copy of mine! :D