Friday, October 26, 2012

What Happened To No Man Left Behind?

[The following is a rant (take note of the bold and italics! :)  )Also, this post could be viewed as political in nature, which I normally try to avoid. And some might take offense. So if you are easily offended, or prefer to steer clear of politics, news and current events, do not proceed. Also, please understand this is my opinion. I respect other peoples' opinions (I welcome them in fact!).  And I also welcome respectful and informed debate. (I am a lawyer after all!) So leave me a comment but try to be nice and not too mean! Thanks!]

Remember when I gave up the news about a month ago? Well I did, and up until Friday, things were going really well. Originally I wasn't going to turn it back on until after the election  but when I got home Friday I turned the TV on fully intending to watch VH1 or the Food Network. (I am slightly obsessed with Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Ask me about my trip to Hawaii and the miles and miles of walking I did in flip flops all to find a hot dog place.)

Anyways, back to the news. I turned on the TV and the channel was turned to the news. (This was because my dad had stopped over while I was out, and watched the news while he was fixing the cupboard in the kitchen). So before I could change the channel I hear something about the attack on Americans in Benghazi, Libya on September 11th 2012. 

Instead of turning the channel, I kept it on and now, I'm pissed off and seriously freaking sad. 

First, let me say, I don't care about the election or the whole President thing. Whoever wins, nothing is going to change and I am still going to have to get up and go to work in the morning. I will vote, but I'm just not all that enthused. But whatever. This isn't about politics. It's about a government who failed its heroes. 

When I heard the newscaster say  there was an unmanned drone recording the attack I was stunned. When I heard there were people about 400 miles away that could have gotten there, I was shocked. When I heard them say that some of those units could have helped (and some wanted to) because they were close, my heart started to ache. 

Those units that were close apparently didn't get the go ahead from the people watching the freakin tragedy in real freaking time because people weren't sure of all of the dangers.  Hello?! All the dangers?! Seriously,  I have a question for all those in the government who were watching this while people fought to their deaths, literally:  What the hell are you talking about? Of course there are dangers! And of course you won't know them all!! Who cares?! For the love of god, just do something! 

This was some of the other info from the news report:  Americans were pinned down and being attacked and killed, while radioing in for help multiple times. One former Navy Seal (and at the time of the attack was a CIA agent) defied orders to stand down so he could try to save the Ambassador and others. He was unable to save the Ambassador and another embassy worker, but he was able to save others.  While this man and another former Seal (also a CIA agent at the time) manned a gun on the roof to try and protect those still alive, they could see where the terrorists were targeting them from.  They radioed in the coordinates of the attackers but there was no air support to come and take the bad guys out! Both men died when mortars hit the roof. 

I don't know why this story is affecting me so much. But I feel sick over this. If this information is true then what the hell is happening with our government?  And I don't want to hear that there was too much risk. I do not want to hear that excuse! Because that is what it is. It is an excuse. Hell the Seals got Bin Laden in another freaking country for god's sake and we couldn't get into Benghazi, Libya to rescue our people who were under freakin' attack by mortars, after the insurgents killed our Ambassador on our soil?! (He was killed at the consulate which is U.S. sovereign territory, therefore our soil.) GIVE ME A BREAK!

I grew up around military folks. My mom was in the army before I was born. My dad was in the Reserves. My uncle was in the Army and retired after 20+ years. My cousin was in the Army. Three of my grandparents served in World War II as did my great-uncles. I wanted to do ROTC when I went to college but I couldn't because my eyesight sucks. I love this country and our military. As do most Americans. Honor, loyalty, fighting for freedom, those were principles instilled in me since I was born. As was the following principle: No Man Left Behind.  Ever. Never Ever.

The government let people down on September 11th 2012. I don't care who it was. I don't care why. All I care about is that for one reason or another, a bad decision was made and people died. And if it comes out that the US reaction to this attack was soft because of some stupid political reason or something to do with concerns about the election, then people should be ashamed of themselves.  We need leaders, not career politicians worried about saving their own jobs. And we need term limits too, for all of those who are elected to the federal government. (Congress, I am looking at all of you! *gives them all a scowly face*)

I'm so disgusted right now. This should be all over the freaking news! Every journalist should be on top of this and asking questions.  But it's not on all the news shows. It's being buried. I even had trouble finding information on it. And before anyone can say it, had this happened under the prior administration not only would I have also been having this reaction, but I imagine that the mainstream media would be tearing Bush apart and it would be at the top of ALL the newscasts. And rightly so. So why aren't they doing that now?!

I hope we get answers soon. More importantly I hope the families of those killed get answers. Rest in peace brave heroes. You won't be forgotten.

And now I'm turning the off again. Maybe this time for good. 

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