Monday, October 1, 2012

Here We Go Again

First, I just have to mention that, blogger's schedule feature does not ever work for me. That thing drives me up a freaking wall! Anyways, moving on...

It's time to get our ROW on!

My work schedule has been beyond crazy, and I have a million things on my mind (and on my to-do list) but despite that, I am forging ahead with a few goals to make sure my writing doesn't take a hit in the chaos. So that said, my goals for this round are:

Write 5000 words per week: The last two rounds I had a goal of "writing every day" in order to build this as a habit.  I am happy to say that this has been a success. Because of this I will have a word count goal every week this round to make sure that, even though I am writing every day, I am hitting a decent word count.

Book 1: Pick a cover and get this novel out by November 1. 
  • I've finished the formatting. I've done all the edits that have been given back to me so far. I am sending it out to my last two crit readers and hopefully will get their final comments back in the next couple weeks. I'm freaking out but I am happy where the book ended up. 
  • As for the cover, this has been the hardest part. Nothing has grabbed me yet. I've narrowed down my choices at least. It will help that I will be getting some help at October's book club with my friends who will help me decide. (While drinking  copious amounts of wine no doubt!)
Book 2 (this remains untitled): Finish the first (very rough) draft by the end of Round 4
  • I have about a quarter of this written. I've also made a ton of notes and added to my scene outline while writing the first book (and while I waited for comments to come back from crit readers). So I feel confident I can get a rough first draft done by the end of the Round. I hope. This book will focus on different main characters but the same city as the first in the series.  The characters in the first book may make an appearance at some point, though I haven't gotten quite that far yet so we shall see just how (and if) that happens.
Social Media (This goal has three parts): 
  • Check in for ROW80 at least one time per week
  • Write a non ROW80 post once per week: I started this a couple weeks ago with a post about my vow to give up the news. Last week I wrote two posts: one about a 60 Minutes episode about sugar (truly fascinating, shocked the heck right out of me!); and another on what I've been watching on TV for the new fall season. If people read it and/or comment, great. If not, I'm cool with that too. Que sera sera, right? The important part of this is me being authentic, having fun, not focusing on stats, and not making blogging a chore
  • Stay present on twitter: Not really a specific goal, more just a reminder to myself to keep at it. For an introvert like me, I find twitter really hard. But I will keep at it, even if it means just lurking while at work or being totally random about music or, lately, about Sons of Anarchy. 
And that is it- a mix of weekly, deadline specific and end of Round goals. I've finished my Goodreads Reading Challenge for the year (75 books baby!), so I didn't add a reading goal. As for being active, I will still be working out but I'm not adding it as a specific goal right now.So far I have been doing really well being (more) active than usual and eating healthier so I will just keep on keeping on and if I start to slack off, add in a weekly goal.

What about you? All set with your goals this Round?  Good luck and happy writing! 


  1. Key with blogging is to do it even when you don't feel like it. You might write a few poor posts, but the practice is good for you. Good luck!

  2. Those are great goals, Kat! And very exciting that you're getting so near your release! Good luck with your cover choice and happy Round 4!