Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Veronica Mars, Longmire and a ROW80 Update

(Note: Scroll down for my ROW80 Update if you'd rather not read about Veronica Mars and how that relates to an issue I have with Longmire)

Veronica Mars is seriously one of my favorite TV shows of all time. That show (or rather the creator/writer) knew how weave an overarching plot that went throughout the entire season, mixed with a different mystery each week. He left clues and revealed a little bit more about the overarching mystery of who killed Lily Kane in each episode, creating twists and turns that made me at least want to watch the next one to see what was going to happen.  As I re-watched VM this weekend, I found myself comparing this to the show I've been watching on A&E this summer, Longmire. I like this show, and holy hell is Branch hot or what?! I want to hate him, but he is too delicious to hate--redeem him, please!!!  However, the flashbacks of what happened to the Sheriff's wife, how the hell that relates to Denver, and why his friend tracked him to Denver, is starting to annoy me. I don't think enough information was given in the beginning for me to be intrigued enough to make this appointment TV (it usually sits on my DVR for a couple days before I watch it).  It's been like trying to figure out a puzzle but you don't have the cover of the box to know what it eventually would look like. In VM, the viewer knew that Lily was killed, that there was a mess of an investigation, a cover-up, and that some poor sap took the fall.  But you didn't know the why, or the how, or the who, and there were red herrings throughout the season to throw Veronica and the viewer off the trail. But in the end, we knew that Veronica was going to find out who killed Lily. With Longmire, I gotta say, from the beginning I had no freaking clue what the hell was happening.  For some reason, when the show started, I thought that his wife died from some illness or something, not what has now been alluded to (and I won't say it here in case anyone has episodes to catch up on!).  I have no idea what it is we are supposed to be finding out (though last week I got a bit more info, but think this would have been better served if it was earlier in the show.)  I get it, writers want to throw little hints here and there to keep viewers coming back, but don't make them so small the viewer can't even find the damn thing, or needs a notebook while watching each episode and then has to study those notes to figure it out. I just can't seem to piece this together and I don't know if it's me not paying attention, or if it's the intention of the writers to keep everything so vague. Whatever it is, it's annoying me. Hopefully some less vague answers will be coming soon!

But anyways, enough of me ranting, here's my update:

Writing:  My goal of writing every day has been a success. Even if it is just a little, I get something down. On average it's been about 500 words a day, and I am happy with this.  

Book 1 (re: Charli's story):   I've been doing okay here. I am slowly moving into the revision phase where I am editing and filling in some scenes that need a bit of tightening.  The end is nigh, I hope. 

Book 2 (re: Emma's story): This is my Camp Nano WIP and yeah, haven't touched it much because of my work on Book 1 (I've gotten another 2K or so words down, but have yet to update my progress on the website.) However, my plan is to focus on this over the weekend since I should be just about done with the writing for my other WIP.

Being Active:  I've already hit my goal for the week! Woot!! I am back to doing my yoga and strength training. I wish I could just not have lulls in this activity, because seriously, when I am doing my yoga every day, my back feels so much better. 

Reading: Done! I read Defying the Odds by Kele Moon (the link is to the Goodreads page) which was good. It was sweet and a quick read, just what the doctor ordered on the rainy, dreary evening that was yesterday.  For my GR challenge, I have read 59 out of 75 books for the year and am ahead by like, 13 books! Yay! 

Social Media:  Lurking on twitter, blogging once a week-done! However, I would like to strive to blog once per week on a non-ROW80 related topic. I have every intention of doing so but always forget to post on Friday. I even have a few that are done and ready to go, but the schedule thing on blogger never works so yeah, like I said, I forget. I also am having trouble checking in on Sundays because I've been crazy busy on the weekends. Hopefully this week I can do better! 

That's it for me, now I'm off to get some work done and hopefully be back in time for the #row80 sprint at 2 EST! Happy writing everyone!


  1. It sounds like you are doing great!! Am so impressed you manage to juggle two writing projects and I hope you do manage to focus on your Camp project soon but writing is writing and it doesn't really matter what it was on.

    I suffer from a bad back so really should look into yoga. Glad it works for you. Enjoy the rest of your week!!

  2. Congratulations on getting so much progress done on your goals! I haven't been able to be nearly that active for awhile, since I was working at a summer camp that just ended on Friday.

  3. Congrats on pushing forward! I hope you can really drive forward on your Camp Nano WIP and maybe even make the 50k (assuming that's what you're shooting for.)

    Seriously, huge congrats are in order for getting through that many books already this year. Making time to read is one of my biggest weaknesses, and I've read through "maybe" four or five books this year. Sad, I know, but now I have your ideal to aspire to!

  4. Well done on your progress (especially doing two at once.)
    Hope this end of the week is great for you. xx

  5. Wow, Kat, you are just powering through. I am usually a tortoise, and like to say that slow and steady wins the race. I have to look into yoga, too. I am seriously out of shape, so I would have to start slow, but hey, it's the starting that counts, right?

    Well done on all your goals. I hear you about the scheduling problems; perhaps you could set an alarm to post something on Friday?

    Have a great rest of the week!

  6. Sounds like a very productive week, Kat! Congratulations!

    I think I'm as impressed by the sheer number of books you're reading for the year as I am any other goal that you have. I get distracted so quickly, but that's fantastic that you're even ahead of schedule.

  7. Great week, Kat! You seem to be motoring right along as far as your goals are concerned, so yay!

    I have also been meaning to look into yoga. Hopefully once I get paid next month I can check out the awesome yoga studio that is near my house. :D

  8. If you can get 500 words a day down, every day, that's great. Just staying in the habit of writing consistently is usually enough to keep me going, even if I lose a day to disaster. More than a day off tends to put the brakes on, though.
    Keep at it!

  9. I'm a Twitter-Lurker, too. Often, I find Twitter overwhelming. Too many tweets to consider and only so much time. I love your goal of writing something daily. I need to go back to that, but summer has not been the most productive writing time for me.

    I never watched Veronica Mars, but it sounds like I missed a great show.