Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Trying to Stay on Track

The procrastination monster is trying to distract me from my goals and I find myself bending to his will.  I cannot let this happen because if I do I will be so down for the count there will be no getting back up. Or at least, it will take a good deal of strength to do so and I don't know if I have it. I need to just sit my ass in my chair and get crap done.  This is of course, easier to say than to actually do, but perhaps by putting it out there, I will be more accountable and,just do it.

So my stand-off with the monster at my door starts this morning. I am turning my phone off, logging off twitter and will do absolutely everything  in my power to not go on the internet, check email, look at the news, look at funny pictures on tumblr, giggle at pictures of cats, see what is on TV tonight and/or a bazillion other things that could distract me from doing what I need to, which is WRITE.  I will also keep my Nook in the other room so I don't get lost in a book. Once I post this, I will be off grid and my goal is to stay that way until the sprint at 2pm. (which I hope to join in on)  Going  totally "off the grid" will be a weird, but welcome feeling; something I think will be required on a daily basis (even if just for an hour or two) in order to keep on track this Round.

And speaking of keeping on track, before I go, here is my progress this week:

Writing:  My progress here has been haphazard.   Work has had me crazy busy so I've not been able to write as much as I'd like. I'm hoping I can write today through Sunday and get a lot done. Only time will tell if I can sit my butt in my chair and do just that.

Book 1 (re: Charli's story):  This will be my focus this week as I finish the draft. As I read through it Sunday, I know I will have to change some scenes around but all in all, things are looking up. In the first book of a series it's always hard, at least I think it is, balancing the whole world building (in this case, 'community building') and the central story of the main characters. I will adjust as necessary during the revision stage.

Book 2 (re: Emma's story): I've written about 5K words on this (which is my Camp Nano project; I'm being a Camp rebel by using a novel I'd started before Aug. 1st, but still am hoping to hit 50K words or thereabouts by the end of the month); I'm setting this aside this week though so I can focus on finishing Book 1, then I will come back to Emma.

Being Active:  Better than last week but not yet on target. Still got time to get two more sessions in to meet my 3x per week target.

Reading:  I haven't read anything new, instead going back and re-reading Kristen Ashley's Rock Chic series. I love her books. Like seriously, she writes an awesome alpha male and her heroines are awesome too. But, the main reason I've been doing it is because I am anxiously awaiting her latest release, Breathe, to be released on Barnes and Noble. (She publishes via Smashwords and there is a delay from publishing date to release -sometimes 2-8 weeks according to Kristen's website- on certain platforms. This is good to know since I've been considering using Smashwords as a way to publish my novel once I'm finished.)

Social Media:  I've been lurking around twitter but not talking much given how crazy work has been.  Should be able to do less lurking and participate more today through Friday.

I've still got 5 days this week to get my crap together and reach my goals-we shall see if this pans out, but fingers crossed! Hope everyone is having a great week and happy writing!


  1. Procrastination has hit me pretty hard, too (not to mention the occasional bouts with depression) I'm nowhere near my goal of having a completed first draft done by the end of the year because I'm always self-sabotaging and/or giving in to distraction. I have no idea how to break this cycle, but going "off the grid" sounds like a good way to start.

    Good luck with all your goals. Keep writing!

  2. Going off grid sounds very secret agent of you and I like it! Sometimes it is the only way to get things done. If I had a pound for every time I go off on a tangent after clicking through a link on twitter....

    Good luck with the rest of the week and I hope you get all the crap done!!!!

  3. You can do it, Kat. It's going to take a lot of self-discipline, but you can make it happen. If something is important enough to you, you'll take steps to make sure you achieve your goals. How much do you want it? Then DO IT. (I hope that wasn't too much "kick in the butt", LOL.)

  4. You're supposed to be off the grid, so I really hope you're not reading this right now :D I'm just kidding!! Hope your silent time does some good. I don't know if it helps at all, but when I'm really overwhelmed, I try to write first thing in the morning. Then I know it's done, and I feel great about it for the rest of the day. Hopefully we see you for the sprints...right about now!!...and have a great rest of the week!