Friday, August 31, 2012

It's Going To Be A Good Day...

Well, musically anyways.  And it has to be right? Cause Friday is here, and it's the weekend, so yeah. Long live the weekend! And music, which is the reason for this unscheduled post.   

I was listening to VH1 while making breakfast (which is what I do just about every morning) and their "You Oughta Know" artist came on.  I almost burned what I was cooking because I was listening so intently to this guy's voice. His name is Ed Sheeran and if you haven't heard this guy yet he is so worth a listen.  His official YouTube channel (which is where I was able to embed this video from) has a bunch of his songs there; Small Bump is another good one. But here is the song I heard this morning:

The A Team (Ed Sheeran) 

Also, for those of you who keep tabs on this blog, or see me on twitter, I might have mentioned a time or two (or a million) that I am a big Mumford and Sons fan. Their new album is supposed to be dropping soon (thank god!!!) and their new single, I Will Wait, is beyond awesome.  The video below, from their YouTube channel, is not really a video at all.  But with these guys, who needs the fluff of a video when the audio is enough?! 

I Will Wait (Mumford and Sons)

Hope you enjoy the music, and have a great weekend! 

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  1. It's great to start out the day with great music. But for must come after quiet coffee. LOL. I am not a chipper person until I've had some time to 'come-back-alive'. :}

    Hope your day turned out well. Thanks for sharing the music videos.