Sunday, July 8, 2012

What Is With The Price Of eBooks Lately?

I've been devouring books lately on my Nook and found that the cost of some of these have spiked. Or maybe I was just not paying attention before and didn't notice how expensive things have gotten.  All I know is that the last 8 titles I've looked at on Barnes and Noble (just today!), the price is over 10 bucks, and sorry but I am NOT paying more than ten books for an eBook. At that price I should just go and get the actual book and if I could I would do that. But that would require me getting out of my yoga pants, into jeans, driving to the store, getting the book (and a Chai since I can't not get one of those while I'm there) and then driving back home, changing back into my yoga pants and getting comfy again. That is just too much time and well, work, just to read a book I will have done in a day and a half. (And additional money, since I would have to use the gas in my car!)  

So my questions is, what is with these prices lately? I feel like I've missed some major announcement about publisher's trying to screw over readers by jacking up E-book prices or something.  As an writer I can't imagine a self-pubbed writer putting such a high price on their books. It just wouldn't make sense to me, especially if the idea was to get the book out there and, well, make a bit of coin. So I have to assume that this is a publisher thing-and if it is, well that just plain pisses me off as a reader and as a writer.  I mean really?  You think increasing the cost will make you more money?  Did they not take basic classes in economics?  From what I remember, and from what I gather watching CNBC (yeah I know, I'm a nerd. But my college econ teacher was British, and hot, and so I really like economics, hence the CNBC obsession, cause it reminds me of him. But I digress.), the lower the price the more people will want to buy it! DUH!  

Kristen Ashley's books (who I LOVE, because holy wow can she write an alpha male! *swoons*) are like under 5 bucks each. I have read a ton of her books lately not only because I love her books, but also because I can get like 3 to 4 books (which are super long and just damn good! And I mean dayummmmm good! *fans self*) for the same price I can get one book by two unnamed authors (though not best-selling) . I love those two particular authors (who I won't name because it isn't their fault the publishing companies are jackasses) as well, but I haven't bought any of their titles in months, and won't, while their books are priced at 12.99 each at Barnes and Noble. And this sucks, because I really really want to read their books.  But I have to draw the line somewhere. And so I am, at 6.99. There may be a time where I will grab an E-title for 9.99 but I imagine that will be few and far between.  I can't justify the cost, especially in this tough economy, for paying an exorbitant amount for a eBook.  

So authors, if you're listening, and a publisher comes to you with gobs of dough or a contract or whatever, take some control. Ask them what they are setting eBook prices at, how it will be controlled, whether you will have a say in it, and do what you can to help out readers, and ask to put some of that control in your hands (and in the contract!).  I don't care if a publishing company offered me a million bucks to write a book..I can tell you I would never, not in a million years...take it without making sure some mammoth billion dollar corporation wasn't going to screw over my readers by charging a ridiculous amount for a computer file! And yeah, I know you're probably thinking "for a million dollars, I bet she would." But I wouldn't, and I know I wouldn't because I have a code. And I don't fuck around with my code-especially the most important rule in that code which is "do everything I can to try and be sure I do not screw people over, even unintentionally." I take that rule very seriously...since I myself don't like to be screwed over (and which I feel is happening by these damn high eBook prices!)

The bottom line is that as a reader all I want to do is support fellow writers and I try to do that by buying and reading a lot of books.  So it kills me when I can't do that because of the corporate need to screw the little guy (or gal) over with these insane prices. Stand up, stand together and don't let the possibility of finally getting that book deal make you forget your audience. If a company wants to publish your books that bad, make them work for it, and don't let them alienate readers.  

Okay, rant over.You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming though first here's a little Muse to further convey my displeasure over this latest annoyance. 


  1. LOL, totally understand your rant!! I have noticed the ebooks from publishers going up as well and also felt like I missed something. I don't want them for nothing, but I do think it should be less...even if just by a little...for the ebook version. P.S. I would love to connect on Nook if you still want to..for just this reason! We should seek out a few more Nook friends to lessen the wallet impact. Also..I know it's doesn't help with the getting dressed and chai, but a TON of libraries now lend ebooks. I think there are even some that don't require you to actually go there. I've been meaning to check into it for ages!! Hope everything is going good with you :D

    1. Good point about the libraries. I will have to check and see what the rules are with my local library in terms of how long I have the book for (sometimes I read fast, sometimes slow!). As for connecting on Nook, I would love to, just still have no idea how to do it! LOL I will look over the info today on the Barnes and Noble website and DM you (I think I give you my email or something? Will be in contact!)