Thursday, July 26, 2012

Better Late Than Never

I'm jumping into this Round way late...but I just couldn't get my shit together before now to set out my goals even though I've been working on them since the end of June. So today I am going to make it all official like and get back on the wagon that is ROW80.  And I gotta say, it feels damn good to do just that.  Some of my goals this round will be something to get done by the end of the Round (or a specific date); others are general goals to get done every week. This list therefore will change throughout as things are completed, and added, as time goes on.

Writing: Write something every day. Whether this is on my WIP(s) or blogging, I want to be writing each day, even if it's just for a half hour. I need to keep this habit going.

Be Active: I will starting this slow since I've been lazy the last month. So I will be shooting for 3 times per week here which I think I can easily swing.

WIP 1 (referred to as Charli's Story for now!):  Finish my WIP by August 17th. I am already almost there.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and am really excited to send this off to Betas. If all goes well, once I make changes I am hoping to get this out into the world by the end of September at the latest.  (As long as those changes don't mean me tossing the whole WIP into a nearby dumpster! Gah!)  *keeps fingers crossed this doesn't happen*

WIP 2 (referred to as Emma's Story for now!): This will be a second book set in the same locale as Charli's Story.  My goal for this is to finish the draft by the end October 1st which should set things up for a publishing date of no later than November 1. Seeing as this is already half done and I've learned A LOT about the world from the 1st novel, writing the rest of this should come a lot easier. I had never intended this novel to be a part of the series, but when I was writing Charli's story, I realized she was living in the same place as Emma and well, now here we are.

Study for, and take, the GRE: I have to do this for the masters program I am in. I've been putting it off because (1) it's expensive and (2) I haven't had time to take practice tests. But I am signing up for the test this weekend and should be able to get a few of the tests out of the way between now and the test iteself. I will shooting for two practice tests a week. I haven't had to take this kind of test in 10+ years and even when I had to take them pre-college and pre-law school, I wasn't all that great. Standardized tests just aren't my thing. Let's hope I don't suck!

Social Media: My goal is to get back on track with blogging a minimum of once a week and joining in for the word sprints on twitter at 2pm EST when I am in my office. (Check out #row80 around that time if ya want to join in!) Today is my first time blogging since July 8th which was a post about eBook pricing which is has been (and is still) seriously ticking me off. Check it out HERE if you'd like to read about what's been on my mind and feel free to comment; I'd love some other thoughts on it, cause maybe it's just me that is feeling this way. *sighs*

So that's it. Hope y'all are having a successful Round and can't wait to check in to see everyone's progress!


  1. Great list of goals! So exciting that you'll be finishing things up and getting them out there. Crazy that you're taking the GRE...I always loathed standardized tests. They make the rooms too cold which has the opposite effect on me than it's supposed puts me right to sleep the minute I get to a reading section lol! Good luck with those, and have a good rest of the week!

  2. I'm also hoping to eventually finally take the GRE, but I'm scared by the math portion. It's been so long since I had a math course, I forgot some of that stuff even existed, like quadratic equations. I'll also need a note from one of my rabbis so I can take the test on a Sunday, but I know my primary rabbi would be happy to write the note for me since I've known him and his family for 8 years and I've been one of the camp counselors to some of his daughters for two summers now.