Monday, June 11, 2012

Reset: Sunday ROW80 Check In

This is a short, and one day late, ROW80 update.  After the last little bit of lazy I experienced (see last week's posts) I knew I had to get back on track in many areas of my life-working out, writing, even work itself since the piles were getting out of control.  So I was largely offline last week to sort of reset things so I could hop back on track today.  So far, that reset was a success (not 100% but close enough for me.  Here's my update:

Writing: 5 of 7.  Not every day but I got a lot of words in (plus 4K for the week).  I will back in the sprints for hopefully three days this week, and penciled in some time on the other 4 days in my calendar.

Reading:  I hit two books last week. I am now only 11 books behind on my Goodreads challenge, which is way better than where I started in the beginning of May.  The goal is still one book this week, but my plan is to read three since I know I can read the one. This will get me down to the single digits in terms of how many I'm behind.

Blogging:  Such a fail here.  I didn't even do my check in Wednesday.  By checking in today, even though it is a day late, I am hoping to get back on course.  I just feel like, as much as I need to get out there and stay on top of social media (i.e. blogging and twitter), I need to be writing my WiP.  And as much as I love to blog, with my self imposed July 1 deadline, I need to buckle down and just do the writing thing.

Working Out:  3 out of 5.  I seem to be able to hit 3 or 4 each, but not 5.  I have also been doing a bit more work outdoors and gardening but haven't been counting that. But whatever the amount, I am feeling and sleeping better, so this is a win!

So that is it for me.  Now I have to go deal with a few work related things and try to stay cool from the 90 degree heat and accompanying humidity we have been experiencing the last couple days. It is days like this that I wish I had air conditioning.  Oh, and I have to deal with how my gmail account got hacked by someone in some foreign country.  *Sighs* It is quite the Monday morning and it isn't even 9:30 am yet.  Anyways, have a great week and happy writing!

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