Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Little Bit of Sunshine On This Very Rainy Day

I received the Sunshine Award from the Em over at  Loves To Read, Wants to Write and have been waiting and waiting for school to wind down so I could post about it on my blog.  It has been such a crazy month that other than ROW80 updates and, starting last week, the Blog Me Maybe posts, I've been slacking in the blogging and social media departments.  All that will *hopefully* be changing once Thursday hits since that will be my first day of freedom from both taking classes and teaching them. *throws confetti in celebration* At least for the 19 days I will have before I start teaching two classes this summer!  

Anyways, the rules are pretty simple: Answer the following 10 questions and then pass the award on to those who make me smile and brighten my day. I think I am supposed to tag like 10 people, but I honestly don't know if I know 10 people who haven't done this already. And for course it's voluntary-just cause I tag you, don't feel obligated to post anything. This is just me throwing some sunshine-y goodness your way!!

1) Favourite colour? - Orange. I love orange anything.  Oranges; reeses pieces (the orange ones); the # 20 Home Depot car (NASCAR--though not as much as I used to since Tony Stewart doesn't drive it anymore); Syracuse University--not only where I went to law school, but they are the Syracuse Orange after all; I love the word itself too, or-ange.  Only orange thing I don't like is cooked carrots. I hate the taste and the smell, but the color is spot on!

2) Favourite animal? - There aren't many animals I don't like, though I do hate all things that are not mammals (bugs and bees, I am talking to you!).  I've always had dogs and/or cats growing up, and currently have a cat (an almost 2 year half Siamese terror named Dutchess).

3) Favourite number? - I'll give you my top three.  #30.  Henrik Lundqvist's number for the New York Rangers hockey team.  Love him-and also, the year I turned 30 was pretty awesome for me. And #22--that is Brian Boyle's number.  Also a NY Ranger. But my all time favorite number ever?  Number 11.  This is the legendary Mark Messier's number 11 and the number I wore in soccer (since I can't ice skate to save my life, I played soccer!).  Messier was a prolific New York Ranger and we wouldn't have had 1994 without him. Are you sensing a pattern here?

4) Favourite non-alcoholic drink? - Tea.  Especially Chai (but not the kind made with water..blech)  Sparkling water ranks up there too. I started drinking it when I gave up soda and it totally has beaten back the cravings for soda.  Soda is evil...it's like crack, at least for me. (And I have a post that is kinda about this coming up this week or next once I can polish it up a bit...)

5) Facebook or Twitter? Twitter.  I hate Facebook.  I have a FB account under my non-pen name but I rarely ever go on it. As a family court lawyer (or reformed lawyer?  I'm moving out of law and into teaching English full time) I see Facebook used too many times to hurt people: like ex spouses snarking/saying hateful things at each other in full view of their kids, friends, and relatives; and kids using it to bully each other in schools.  In theory it's great, but when people are douche bags, which is what I see all on an almost daily basis, it makes me want to have nothing to do with it.

6) My passion? Family and friends. And writing.  And hockey. :)  

7) Getting or giving presents? I love getting presents but I like to give too though the shopping part gives me heart burn. I dislike shopping when it involves having to go to a mall.  Amazon ftw!

8) Favourite pattern? I don't really have a favorite--whatever I see that catches my eye I guess!

9) Favourite day of the week? Saturday.  I love to just curl up with a book and read on Saturday and not feel compelled to do any work.  Saturday is a day I can sleep in and just relax. I wish everyday could be Saturday...

10) Favourite flower? Lily of the Valley.  I love them, and they also happen to be the flower for the month of May, I think, and May is the month I was born (May 29th to be exact!). We had them growing along our driveway growing up and I remember picking them for my mom; and the smell is just heavenly.

So there are my 10 answers, and now I pass on the Sunshine Award to some other well deserving folks.  If you already got the award and did the post, don't worry about posting again! Just know you all brighten my day! (And of course I send this award back to Em in spirit since she is one of those people!)

They are pretty splendiferous people and talented writers/creative folks so definitely check them out if you get a chance! A bunch of awesome writers have already gotten the Sunshine award, like LaurenLenaJuliana, so I won't send them the award again, but seriously, if you haven't already, be sure to check them out too! 

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