Friday, May 11, 2012

I Get Excited...

Just thinking about last Friday night. 

Last weekend I went to a concert and as usual I had a blast.  But this is a concert I normally don't admit to going to, because when I do I get some eye rolls and snorts along with disparaging comments about him and/or the 80s.  I let it all slide off my back but usually it's just not worth bringing up. But, I'm feeling nostalgic and figured what the heck, I'd throw caution to the wind and just tell the world...or well, those of you who read this blog.

First, a little background...This is a concert I go to every year in either April or May.  My best friend from law school buys the tickets for my birthday (which is 18 days away! Woot!)  and I reciprocate with tickets to a concert she likes (also a 80's band which is even more embarrassing than my choice!).  We are lucky because we live only about an hour away from each other and there is a casino exactly half way between us that has some great shows.  And like I said, every year, this particular musician comes to town and tickets are only about 45 bucks, which is worth it since every year we go and we have a BLAST.   And I've realized it's not so much about him or the music, as it is just a fun time to hang out with my best friend and get a bit nostalgic for our youth.  I think this year was the 5th year we've done this and it did not disappoint.  Like seriously, I have loved this guy since I first heard one of his biggest hits. Mind you, I was only about 5 years old at the time but I memorized every line and sang it constantly. I even snuck into my sister's room and stole her 45 (ya know the old records--the small ones) so I could listen to it over and over and over and over again. I still have that record somewhere...So who is this guy you ask?

Rick Springfield.  

Yup, I said it. I *heart* Rick Springfield.  This year he actually came over to us and was on top of our table!  Like he was standing right there, only mere inches away, and all I could was stare because for a guy his age, he is still frickin hot!  And can I just say, I am clearly not the only one out there who still loves this guy.  Cause as usual the place was nearly sold out and people, namely women were going crazy.  I was not however going crazy. I remained calm.  For the most part.

So instead of showing you something funny for this week's Blog Me Maybe Friday prompt, I instead show you something FUN!  (Though it could be funny if you aren't a fan or find it incredibly funny since well, it is 80's goodness at its best! Or worst.  Ah, feathered hair and aquanet hair spray, half shirts and tight rolled I do not miss you!)  Below are a few videos for your Friday viewing pleasure and and just try to get these songs out of your head once you've listened...I dare you! Mwahahahahaha!  The first two are songs straight out of an 80's playlist and the third video is one of his newer songs.  And seriously, even if you are laughing your ass off at the fact that I am singing the praises of Rick Springfield and decide to skip the first two, check out the last video. It's one of the singles from his 2008 album and is one of my faves.

And good lord...check out the horrible 80's style in the video below...What the hell were we thinking back then?! I mean...shoulder pads...seriously?!  Still, you can imagine that as a kid growing up in the 80's, I had posters of him all over my wall...along with a number of other 80s stars who shall remain nameless at this time. (Admitting I still go to Rick Springfield concert's is enough humiliation for one day!)

This is a live version of his 2008 single, "What's Victoria's Secret".  

Okay, so I made my confession about my love of an 80's heartthrob who is still, well a heartthrob in my eyes.  What about you? Is there a musician or group you listen to that you are embarrassed to admit liking? Or someone 's songs you only sing out loud or dance to when you're alone?  C'mon, sound off in the comments below--I won't judge! (Heck, I probably will like them too! Or at least add them to my playlist!)


  1. Even though I never got into the boygroups and poptarts who were part of the pop explosion that started in 1997, I have to admit that I kind of sort of liked The Backstreet Boys. Not enough to actually buy one of their albums, but I always thought they were relatively talented and original when compared with all the other copycats.

    Part of me is still really surprised at how I became a Duranie last year, and I was kind of in the closet about it for awhile for fear of how people might judge me, particularly because my big thing is classic rock. Then I realized, I've been a Monkeemaniac since 1986 and am used to dealing with people who assume certain things about real bands that happened to be heavily pimped to young teenyboppers in spite of having substance beneath the cute exterior. And that actually served as the inspiration for some the events in my contemporary historical WIP, so I believe my becoming a fan was for a higher purpose.

  2. Fun post! You were right: "Jessie's Girl" is now stuck in my head, probably for the rest of the night. I don't mind--good memories. :)

    1. Glad you liked it! I've had it in my head for a week. I usually ride a Rick High for a good two weeks after the shows, cause they are just so much fun.

  3. I remember Rick Springfield! I grew up in the 80's as well. I really don't see how it's embarrassing to like him, though, because it wasn't embarrassing to back in those days. The only thing to be embarrassed about now might be liking Milli Vanilli and Rick Astley. Seriously, what is wrong with liking Rick Astley anymore? I can see the Milli Vanilli problem, but what did Rick ever do to anyone?

    1. I know right? Poor Rick Astley...least he gets some exposure with the whole rick roll thing (even if it is negative!) Don't they say in show biz that any press is good press?! I lol-ed at Milli Vanilli--we were all so duped by them! -.- Fakers.