Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Awesomeness That Is Breaking Benjamin

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Let me preface this post by saying that yesterday I got a lot of writing in.  Well a lot for me in one day anyways.  The grand total came to around 3500 words, which is, well a lot.  But I was on a roll with a scene and I just had to keep going.  And when I get that urge to keep writing (and have the time) I do it.  

So what does yesterday's writing have to do with today's Blog Me Maybe post you ask? Well that's simple.  The prompt for today is May I tell you something about me?" And so today I want to reiterate what I've said before about needing music to write and reveal my most recent inspiration.

Yesterday I was writing a scene in which the main character (I will just refer to her as MC for now) has this somewhat traumatic experience and in comes this guy, who up until this point has been a major pain in her ass.  He, like most of the characters, has a secret (actually a few), and isn't exactly the sharing type. But neither is my MC and she is stubborn as hell..so it makes for some difficult communication between the two. But while I've been able to get inside the head of my MC, he has been a bit harder to crack.  Until I heard a song (actually a few) that fit who he is and that was just the push I needed to fill in some much needed gaps where he was concerned. By the time I finished writing, I was both surprised and excited at the progress I'd made.

So who is the artist that that came over the speakers at just the right time?  The modern rock group Breaking Benjamin.  The lead singer is also the songwriter and I am anxious for new material, but I can live off the old for now. (The band has taken a hiatus because of a recurring illness he suffers from and a lawsuit or something among some former members; or so the interwebs tell me!)  Below are two of the videos that helped me flesh out just who the guy in my WiP is and just why he has so many secrets.  And seriously if I could have given Benjamin Burnley a hug for it I would have.  His songs pulled  me out of a serious block with this specific character at just the right moment. 

Breathe (Live):

I Will Not Bow:

So now that you know what has inspired me recently (in terms of music), is there any song or artist who has done the same for you?  What about the characters/books you've written--is there a 'soundtrack' to your writing?  Hope you enjoyed the music and happy writing!

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