Wednesday, April 18, 2012

ROW80 Check In: Is It Wednesday Already?!? Nooooooooo!!!!

I swear someone must have hit the fast forward button this week. I cannot believe Wednesday check in is already here!!  I just have a quick update as I am buried in the paper I am writing for one of my classes on John Fowles' The French Lieutenant's Woman.  Great book and the research is interesting, but I seriously should have picked something easier for my critical summary.   Anyways, here's my progress so far:

Writing:  I am two thirds of the way to my goal for the week. I've participated in two afternoon word sprints, well parts of them--45 mins on Monday and 30 minutes Tuesday, and then did some additional writing Tuesday to get to the two hour mark. The rest of the week is going to be full trying to get this paper done so I don't know if I will be able to sneak in another hour, but I will definitely try.

Research/Writing Papers: *hangs head in shame* Just...I don't even have an excuse for being as behind as I am. I need to get this done by Sunday. It's not due until Tuesday, but I need it done by Sunday so the rest of my homework can get done in time. I did get about 2 pages (okay, really a page and a half, but it's almost 2!) written last night, so that's a start I guess. I need to just buckle down.  Like seriously, someone needs to tie me to my chair and not let me move until I finish this.  Who wants to tie the knots so I can't get out?

In all seriousness though, I am thinking of using Lauren's formula which she tweeted to me yesterday: 1 hour of work on my paper, half hour for play.  If I do this today, Thursday, and Saturday, I can get my workouts in (or laundry, or maybe even a little writing in) during that 1/2 hour of play, while also getting some pages knocked out for this paper.  This might be a better idea than having me tied to the chair.  I will give it a test drive today, and keep the rope handy just in case.

Working out:  Zero out of three so far, but I am hoping to get to this later in the week.  Things should be settling down with work starting tomorrow afternoon, so that will leave me more time to workout (and get my paper written, ugh!)

I have not lifted a hand to read a book at all this week, which is driving me crazy because I have so much I want to read.  I also haven't decided on my blog post for the week as so far nothing in my draft folder is really inspiring me.  Although these aren't official ROW80 goals, I would like to get something posted by Saturday, but this will depend on how diligent I am with this paper.

How is everyone's week going?  Meeting your goals still or needing to adjust?  Good luck this week and oh yeah, I almost forgot!  It's the Stanley Cup Playoffs, so gotta give some love to the best team (in my opinion) in all of the world.  Let's go New York Rangers--we need to bring the Cup home!


  1. Oh...this week has me feeling as if I'm in a time warp, too! Where has it gone??? Jeepers.

    I did a workout this week called 'Death by ____(insert your exercise here)'. It's a great way to fit in a workout in 15 minutes(I hate working out....45 minutes of it is like torture) that I learned at CrossFit. I chose pushups. Two days later and I still feel it! Next time is squats...then sit ups. Here's how:

    Minute one - do one of your chosen exercise. Rest for the remainder of the minute (it will seem almost too easy at first, but trust's a great workout)
    Minute two - do two of your chosen exercise then rest until the minute change.

    Each minute, add one more exercise to your total to be completed in that minute. Rest for the remainder to gear up for the next minute. I rarely make it past 15 minutes. We'll see about squats ....

    Anyway...hope my 'quickie-workout' inspires you. I'm all about getting it done quick. :) Have a great rest of the week.

    1. Oh I love that idea! I am so going to try that in one of the half hour breaks from working on this paper. Thanks Nadja!

  2. My check in post starts with something like this...."April is flying past"... on Wednesdays I don't write my specific progress on my specific goals. I would probably be a lot less loving toward myself if I did that! What you have done/are doing is great.

    I also always enjoy when we wind up sprinting together. I've missed a lot lately, darned busy life!

    This week I WILL start actually acting on my exercise goal!!

    1. Me too! I love the afternoon sprints! I can't wait til school is over in May so I can participate in more of them--it truly does allow me to make a lot of headway on my WIP.

  3. LOL. It's funny how check-ins can just sneak up on you. Sounds like a tough week so far. Head up! You can do it.

  4. The week hasn't flown for me, you're so lucky!
    Lauren's idea of an hour on, half off is great. Try to get some actual fun in there too, not just writing, laundry & exercise. Good luck with the rest of the week & getting your work done by Sunday

  5. HAHAHA. All I can do is laugh. I was a little unwilling to work yesterday when I said that and dubbed it Trick Yourself to Work Day. The whole hour work, 1/2 hour play is serious though. I do that because it works with my attention span. Plus if I use longer time periods, I think about work during the play and play during the work. It just never ends well. I hope it's working for you today!

    And P.S. on the blog topic, I might be able to help LOL. I tagged you earlier for 7 facts about your writing...if you haven't already done it yet?! Maybe this will inspire you!

    You're doing a great job with all that is going on. Hand over that rope, we're not ready to tie you down yet :D Have a good rest of the week, darling!

    1. I saw that tweet from you! I have a few of those memes to do (A sunshine one and the 7 facts one (2!) so I will be all set for a few blog posts. Yippee! (Cause otherwise I was just gonna be staring at my computer screen, sighing, with nothing to put forth! lol!) Perfect timing!