Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday ROW80 Check In

I almost forgot to post this update for ROW80.  I have had such a busy day with hosting a family dinner at my house.  I had to get up early and it was non stop cooking and cleaning but I had so much fun it was all worth it.   So as I get to watch the season finale of The Walking Dead (and yes, I have my pillow ready to hide from the blood and gore that is sure to be ever present in the episode), here is an update for what's been happening since Wednesday:

  • I wrote 5 days this week and though my word count on those days wasn't always 1500, I made up for it on some of those days.  Overall for the week I knocked out 5175 words.  It wasn't the 7500 I wanted to hit, but it's better than nothing!  And also, a big big big THANK YOU with a bunch of glitter thrown in to all the ROW--ers who have kept me going during these sprints!  It has been so much fun, and it really is the best part of my day. It's nice to have people cheering for me, and to cheer for others, as we all work on our WIPs!
  • Exercise--took at least a 30 minute walk (some days longer though no less than 30 mins) three days this week, and did a bunch of Just Dance 2 on the Wii this weekend with my niece.  I had a bunch of fun and exercised--that is the best kind of workout in my opinion!
  • Blogging and twitter--still keeping up with both of these, though at the end of the week I wasn't around much twitter wise. Sometimes the day job just doesn't let me to be as present as I'd like to be, but I hope to at least be around during the word sprints.

Next week I am back to work so I won't be able to participate in the word sprints everyday, but I am hoping to get in at least three days.  The rest of this week my plan is to finish a few posts that I've had in my draft folder for a bit, as well as finish reading "A Thousand Splendid Suns".  This is the book that I chose for book club this month and since I am hosting I definitely have to read this one!  I knocked out over a hundred pages Thursday and am hoping to finish it by the middle of this week.

Hope everyone's week has good and Happy St. Patrick's Day! I know it's a day late but...well sending the luck of the Irish to y'all anyways!  See you Wednesday!


  1. HUGE well done on the amount of words you managed. That's brilliant.
    I can't beleive we're almost at the end of Round 1.
    Hope the last few days of this round are as productive as that previous word count for you.

  2. I loved Thousand Splendid Suns, so hope you enjoy it, too.

    I also love the #ROW80 wordsprints. I do so much better when I make time for them because it motivates me to focus and write.

    See you in R2, and hope to see you in the sprints, too.