Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Mash-Up: A Little of This And A Little of That

This weekend was fantastic for several reasons. Not only do I have spring break at the college I am teaching at, but the midterm I had to take for one of my master's classes is over.  Thank god, because seriously, I was stressing like crazy over that thing.  So this weekend, I vegged a bit, did some reading and caught up on one of my favorite shows, and watched on my favorite movies.

Speed:  Can I say that I just love love love this movie.  I don't know why, because it certainly isn't an Oscar winner or anything, but seriously, I love Keanu Reeves in that movie.  And Sandra Bullock's hair is so cute!  It was funny too, because it came out in 1994, and so the cell phones they used are as big as bricks.  It had me totally cracking up.  I love this movie mainly for the fun of it, not it's artistic appeal.  It doesn't make me think too hard and I can just stare at Keanu Reeves for a couple hours.  Not a bad way to spend some time.

The Walking Dead: I hadn't seen the last three episodes and was itching to get caught up on my favorite zombie drama.  Yesterday I finally got the chance and can I just say..this show rocks.  I do find that I have to turn my head away or mute it when someone is being gorged on by zombies, but I can handle that. I watch it more to see just how this group of people tries to survive in the world while facing the zombie apocalypse more than anything else.   I won't give away any specific spoilers, but the fact that the creators of this show are not afraid to have fan favorite characters die is a testament (I think) to their commitment to the telling of the overall story.  Sure, a few of these were some of the most popular, but ya know worked.  It wasn't for shock value, or just to have more bodies pile up.  The deaths made sense given how the story has progressed up to this point, so kudos to the writer for staying true to the story as opposed to the individual characters. It's an ensemble for a reason after all!  If you haven't caught this show, or have skipped because of the zombie aspect of it, trust me--it's not just about zombies.  And like I said, the mute button, or a pillow, works great if you are at all squeamish like me.

And lastly--it is that time of year again where so many of us become focused on college basketball and that amazing phenomena that is March Madness and I just want to say...


I am an alum of St. Bonaventure University (undergrad) and Syracuse (graduate school) so I am so happy to see that they both made it to the Dance.  Syracuse was a given since they were ranked #2 in the country most of the season...but Bonaventure?!  Who freakin' thought that was going to happen?!  They hadn't been asked to the Dance since 2000 but this year they kicked butt in the A-10 tournament becoming A-10 champs for the first time ever and getting an automatic bid.  Kudos to the underdogs and the place I spent some of the best years of my life.  Now we just gotta get past Florida in the first round, but even if we don't...least we made it!  

And with that sports related cheer of sorts, I will return to regularly scheduled programming, which means getting back to my as-yet to be titled work in progress.  I got a certain character who needs a slap to the back of the head...


  1. I'm a big fan of Walking Dead too! I have to turn away during certain scenes too, but there's just something about the show that has me hooked. Although last week the Dale thing had me saying I wasn't going to watch again--but of course I still did.

    1. Yeah, I always have a pillow handy! lmao Can't wait til next week to see the after effects of the latest death!