Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Mash-Up: Clearing Out Space on the DVR

So I am a television/movie junkie. Problem is I always end up liking obscure shows that get cancelled--or, don't find time to watch the shows I do record on the DVR and end up way behind.  Well, the last two weeks I have been trying to play catch up on a variety of shows saved on the DVR and in the Netflix queue in an attempt to fix this problem.  Last weekend, I caught up on Castle--which can I just say, I love Nathan Fillion.  If you haven't seen that show, or Firefly (and the movie, Serenity) stop reading right now and go watch them.  It's okay, I will wait til you're done....

Alright, so you're back.  Amazing right? Can you see why I love him?  Now, where was I, oh yeah...Castle.  So that was last weekend. This weekend I knew I would be stuck inside, trying to get homework and grading done and knew I would need something on in the background while I worked. You see, for me, there is nothing worse than sitting in silence while I try to do either of those things-the silence drives me crazy. So I found myself once again looking through my bloated Netflix instant queue and my DVR to see what I could find.

The first thing I found was a lot of crap.  Some shows, on both Netflix and the DVR, I just removed or deleted outright, wondering why I even bothered to download them in the first place.  That cleared out a lot of space. But then I saw that I had Primeval episodes on the DVR, but not all of them. For some reason I was missing like the first 3 episodes of season 4.  So I chekced Netflix and to my surprise they had Season 4 on there! Needless to say, I was pretty happy about that so I watched throughout the day on Saturday as I worked.  If you haven't seen the show, it's on BBC America and it's about these scientists and military people who work at a secret British agency called the Arc, studying anomalies. The anomalies have a tendency to show up in random places (or not so random) around England and sometimes creatures come through that shouldn't--like T-Rex and other dinosaurs, and the occasional nasty killer creatures from the future.  The geek in me totally loves this show . I mean seriously, who wouldn't want to see a dinosaur if given the chance?! I'd hop through an anomaly in a second..  Well, so long as they had indoor plumbing, and a bee suit, and insect repellent.  Okay so maybe if given the chance I wouldn't go back to see dinosaurs, but...well it's still a fun show to watch!  All four seasons of this show are on Netflix.  If you like sci-fi type mysteries with government conspiracies thrown in, I definitely recommend watching.

Sunday brought another round of homework and grading so I flipped through the DVR this time, and saw that I had yet to watch the final season of  Stargate Universe which ended in May of 2011. Like I said, seriously bloated DVR.   Yeah I know, I am kind of giving away the fact that I'm a sci-fi fan, but seriously I am so not ashamed of that!  Being a Stargate fanatic since the Kurt Russell/James Spader movie in 1994 (I cannot believe it has been that long...I seriously am getting old) and having been a pretty faithful viewer of all of the series (SG-1, Atlantis and Universe) I really wanted to finish out the final season.   After watching the final season, I gotta say, it's a shame they cancelled that show. It was definitely much darker than the other two series, but had potential. I know a lot of fans didn't like it, especially since they ended Atlantis' run for Universe, but seriously, it had a good back story and seemed to be picking up during the last few episodes.  I loved the survival aspect of it, and the psychological and emotional toll being on the ship took on them.  It had a seriously good cast too.  The only thing I didn't like was the whole communications stone thing. That was bizarre. But, no show is perfect, right?  If you haven't seen that series, and you're into sci-fi, you might want to check it out. The entire series is available on Netflix as well.

So now, that I've cleaned up both my Netflix queue and my DVR, I have room for more shows and I will try to not let them sit around for months.  Army Wives started last night and The Killing starts back up on A&E in April...oh and I have the last few episodes of The Walking Dead episodes I have saved, not to mention the entire season of Revenge to watch still.  Guess there is always next weekend when I am grading mid-term exams!  What about you--have any good television shows or movies you think I should check out?  Feel free to leave me suggestions in the comments below!!

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