Sunday, December 11, 2011

I Fell Off the Bike...

Not literally of course.  I don't ride bikes since I have very little balance and it usually ends with some sort of physical injury. I fell of the bike in the sense that I mucked up my ROW80--and NaNo--goals.  This is truly kinda embarrassing  because I had been doing so, so so (yes that is three so(s)) great on my goals and on NaNo.  I had just over 20K words, and then all hell broke loose...something  just had to give. I had 4 projects to complete in November for my classes and major headaches at the office, so I had to step back from the writing, tweeting, blogging etc to get all that done.  Thankfully, there is a light at the end of the tunnel in that my last final is Wednesday.  I will be done until mid-January and things at the office are back to the normal level of chaos I can handle, and should be for the next few months.  

Throughout all the craziness that has consumed me the last month, I did learn a few important things.  Those lessons are:  I can't do everything all at once; that organized or not, there are only so many hours in the day; and sleep is necessary for some of those hours.  Sometimes we have to make sacrifices, even with the stuff we love to do, and prioritizing is key.  Knowing that I had to take some time away from writing, to get done what I needed to, and would eventually get back to my writing once things settled was key.  In the past-and pre-ROW80- I would have wallowed in my 'failures' and got frustrated and let the writing gather dust, but not this time. ROW80 has taught me that having a life, is just as important as meeting my goals--and even though in this instance that 'life' consisted of work and not fun, that's okay.  I had to prioritize and I did.  Now I can get back to my regularly scheduled programming so to speak, without worry that I missed something or stressing out (and ultimately burning out) that I was falling behind as I tried to juggle a hundred million things at once.  Instead, I will take this as a learning experience, sigh, and hop back on the bike.  I can still make it up this next hill by the end of the Round.

As for NaNo--as I mentioned, I didn't 'win' in the sense that I did not reach 50K words.  My final count for November ended up being 31,543, but I didn't even have a chance to update it on the website by the 30th.  However, despite not hitting the 50K mark, I still feel like a winner. I know, it sounds corny right? But seriously, I have a WIP that I am so proud of, I've already knocked out a pretty big portion of it and know where I am going with the rest of it!  Once finals are over, I plan switching up my goals to write a minimum of 1K words a day, 5 days a week and get back to my routine. That should set me on par to complete it and be in the revision process, or close to it anyways, by the time I am ready to hit the books again.  After all, it's all about how we look at things right?  And there is always next November to finally conquer NaNo!  

Hope you guys did great with NaNo and are kicking butt with your ROW80 goals.  I'm so glad to be back and look forward to checking in on everyone later this week!


  1. I'm impressed that you clocked in 31k despite finals/November craziness! I always get a little irascible when writers say: "November's hard for everyone!" and they're happily out of university. It was even worse when I was a grad student (basically: you don't get to have an outside creative life. It's papers, grading, and sleep).

    I couldn't win NaNo even with the best intentions while I was in classes. (And then by the time I graduated, I wasn't writing novels--but that's a different story).

    A rambly way of saying, yeah, I think you should be proud of your word count, and I'm glad that you have a writing routine in mind for December and beyond. Good luck!

  2. def. be proud of what was acheived during November - dare I say nano isnt everything life is necessary also:) after all you have a splendid start to new novel - when life is calmer have fun with your writing
    all the best for this week

  3. Congrats Kat!

    That is a huge accomplishment!


  4. The fact that you've learned you can have chaotic life stuff slow you down for a while without having to go through the "wallowing in failure" phase is a huge success! That is such an important thing to know. Good for you! And congratulations on all those words for NaNo even in the midst of the crazy, hectic life attack.

  5. Writing 30K words in a month is always winning! Love your outlook, wallowing doesn't buy you anything... I have ROW80 to thank for that lesson, too.

    Best of luck for the remainder of Round 4 and 2012. Hope to see you in ROW80 next year.

  6. Hey stranger!

    I was aware we had some AMAZING sprints and then you disappeared off the radar and I assumed life had got in the way....sorry to hear it did but well done on your NaNo word count and more importantly having a WIP you are proud of. Well done for not wallowing and prioritising is totally the way forward!

    Glad you are back in circulation!