Sunday, December 18, 2011

And the Countdown Begins...

To Christmas of course!  Only one week left and I am slowly but surely crossing things off my list. I got started late, but by going out and picking up gifts and needed supplies before work, I am getting closer to the finish line.  The only hiccup so far has been that I found out Christmas Eve festivities will be at my house.  That was not in the game plan, but nothing I can do about it now. I got the menu together and now, all I have to do is head to the grocery store to make sure I have everything I will need.  Should be interesting to see how it all goes, but well, first time for everything, right? 

As for writing, I've been slowly getting back into the game, writing a little bit each day.  Not as much as I would like, but baby steps! I also have come up with the cover design for my short story thanks to a friend of mine so that will be going up for sale by the end of the month.  (Thank you Sunhi!) And, as an added bonus, as I was working on the cover, I was hit smack in the face with an idea to expand on this story by creating a companion piece.  I kept thinking about my main character and how, in the story I wrote, she only really tells her side--the motivations for her actions and emotions in the relationship and events she recounts.  The other side isn't really explored, and even though he is kinda, well a douche bag in many ways, he still has his own reasons and motivations for how and why things happened the way they did.  So I have decided to write his story as a follow up/companion short story to hers.  I even came up with names for each one which I think fit really well.  

Don't even ask about my working out goals...they have not been going well.  I really really really need to get back into that this week.  I actually MISS it...yes even the getting out of bed a half hour early to do yoga, or stretching, or whatever workout is on the calendar for that day.  So yeah, tomorrow it is back to hitting that weekly goal.  I hope my yoga mat will be happy to see me...

So, lots on my plate but things are looking up after that crazy month of November and early December.  I look forward to checking in to see how everyone else is doing later this week. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!     

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  1. I think most of us fell off the exercise goals over the past few weeks (except my ROWbro who was off doing abcercise at 6 something on a Saturday). Many of us hit what I call a "fallow time" towards the end of the year. This can be good in that it allows our creative nutrients to build up for the coming season (of writing).

    Have a great rest of 2011 and see you in 2012 :)