Sunday, November 6, 2011

ROW80 Sunday Check-In

So today is going to be a somewhat short post on my progress so far as I am absolutely swamped with class work, grading essays and house work that has to get done today.  This week I know is going to be insane given my schedule so I am trying to stay ahead of everything.

On my WIP for NaNo I am at 14,589 words, which is above where I should be.  I am loving the sprints during the afternoon with fellow ROW80-ers.  Unfortunately this week I probably won't be around to participate in them until Thursday.   The stats counter on the NaNo site says I need to write just over 1300 words a day to get to my goal by the end of the month, which I think I can do.  I am really liking where this WIP is going and the rough outline I had prepared before NaNo started is really helpful in keeping me on track and organized.

My commenting goal has been surpassed for the week and then some, though this week I expect to be around a lot less given my work load.  However, working out has been sporadic and life keeps interrupting whenever I try to make this goal. It was 4 out of 7 days last week.  This week I really want to try and hit the 5 day goal I set for myself.

I finished the first in Karen Moning's Dark Fever series yesterday and already bought the second one on my Nook. That was a really good book, and in parts I was totally laughing out loud, so I am anxious to read the second one. But today I have to read "As I Lay Dying" by Faulkner for an essay.  Blah....But on the plus side, my goal of reading one book a month is done.  I may have to think of upping this in the future but for now, one is good.

On an unrelated note, and after reading many a blog this past about social media and the blahs about blogging, tweeting etc that can creep in (if you haven't already, check out these fantastic posts by Susan BischoffJami GoldRoni Loren and Kait Nolan, among others), I have decided to go back to having my blog be an all purpose place for me to talk, converse, rant, vent, and share what I find interesting, or funny or noteworthy etc.  I have gotten away from just blogging for fun, which is one of the reasons why I started. So when I can, my posts will be about whatever I want to write about at the time, whether its a movie, music, a TV show, an issue that has me all riled up, or something in a WIP that has be stuck (or given me an epiphany!).  Hopefully people will want to read it or comment, but that is okay if no one does.  My focus now is going to be on the act of writing and putting myself out there.  After all, all writing, in the end, is at the very least practice towards my ultimate goal of becoming a better writer. So no more worrying about stats or things like that at this point.   I just want to cheer my fellow writers on, have fun, and focus on my WIP(s)!

I hope everyone had a great week and has kicked butt with their goals!  Good luck this week and see you at the next check-in, or on twitter!!


  1. Glad that you are ahead with your NaNo especially if this week is going to get busy. I too feel like I am in the calm before the storm as my work days and commitments are going to increase over the coming weeks and I don't want to slip behind!

    Housework is something that is definately slipping by the wayside....!

    I too enjoy the sprints and have missed them over the weekend. Look forward to seeing you on Thursday if not before!

  2. Wonderful on being ahead! Glad you've decided to have fun with your blog. I really don't think every blog can have a streamlined purpose right out of the gate. It's your piece of online space so it should be fun above all else, and I think you'll figure out it's purpose more as you go along. I too have the same questions, but have decided to avoid addressing them at the moment hehe. Have a great week!!

  3. Sweet! You're doing great. I hear you about the blogging. You have to make it fun or why else do it? Keep up the great work Kat!

  4. Um, wow. That word count is no joke. You came out the gate strong, and are in a good position to win NaNo!

    Will be rooting for you! Keep it up :)

  5. Yay for being ahead on NaNo!

    I think it's a good idea to blog about what you think is fun. We have the ROW80 check ins, but aside from that, just blog about YOU. That's what I like to see. It helps us get to know each other. And I love posts that make me laugh. :)

  6. You are so upbeat - I love it!

    I didn't even get my ROW80 check ins done this Sunday. Crazy busy! I can't imagine trying to do NaNo, though I have tried and completed it once.


    Looking forward to seeing your revamped blog...

    Keep up the great work!