Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday ROW80 Update

NaNo starts in two days! I can't believe it is almost here.  Today is just a quick update as I have a lot of homework to get done this afternoon.  I want to get it all done by tomorrow so when Tuesday comes I can just focus on NaNo.  So, here goes:

  • Writing 1 hour a day on my WIP(s); Outline for NaNo by Oct. 31—Over the week as a whole,I put 4 hours in, not 7.  And most of that was the end of the week.  Wednesday I had decided to work on notes and the outline for my NaNo book.  Well that kind of happened but not how I expected it to.  On Friday morning I was standing in my kitchen, drinking a chai and staring out the window, when I had an idea hit me.  And it hit me hard.  Suddenly, I had this character in my head, and then that character turned into an amazing idea for a setting, and well, since Friday I have been scribbling notes and ideas down in my notebook, and on my computer.  I had planned on doing NaNo on a totally different story idea but this one hit me out of the blue, and I just have to write it. I'm itching to start right now, that's how excited I am.  But I've held back, instead sticking to just jotting notes and scene information down. I even drew a map!  A MAP!  Now, this is pretty significant, because I have absolutely NO artistic talent but I needed to visualize the town and surrounding area where this is going to be taking place. It's definitely not something I would hang on the fridge, but it is good enough for my purposes. I can't wait til Tuesday when I can officially start! 
  • Comment/respond to three blogs per week—done, done and done!  I actually exceeded the minimum.  I am really glad I put this as one of my goals this round.  I am learning so much from all of you! And, more importantly, it keeps me engaged. Reading everyone's check in(s) and blog posts, motivates me to keep chugging along.  So thanks everyone--you are all such an inspiration! 
  • Blog once a week, minimum, whether ROW80 update and/or otherwise—Met this goal too!  And, in fact, I even did a non-update blog post yesterday, link is here.  I wrote it based off an experience I had this week in a class I teach, and that evolved into an interesting facebook discussion about teaching students to write and communicate.  If you are at all interested in that, feel free to check it out.  Would love to see what fellow writers/readers think about it.  
  • Read one book a month.  I read, for October, 4 books in total.  Of course, that includes the 2 books I read while I was on my vacation, and another one that was for a class I was taking. Hopefully I can get some reading in this next month but I am not going to push it given I will be writing like a mad woman for NaNo.  
  • Moving 5 days a week—Only did 3 days, but 3 is better than none so I guess I can't beat myself up too bad!  On the plus side, I've been cooking since yesterday--soups and a casserole, so I should be good for all my lunches and dinners this upcoming week.  My week always ends up being so busy that I rarely have time to cook, and then I end up eating like crap.  This way, I can grab and go, and at least my choices will be the healthier ones I cooked, as opposed to fast food or pre-packaged foods that end up making me feel all blah.  
Happy Halloween!!  Good luck this upcoming week and see you Wednesday!


  1. Happy Halloween :) You're doing good. Keep it up and have fun with NaNoWriMo!

  2. Wow! I love that an idea for NaNo has hit you right between the eyes and you feel so inspired!

    I am so excited but not fear is definately my mantra! Hope the homework goes well and enjoy the last minute preparations!

  3. Sounds like a great week.

    I'm sitting out NaNo this round, but my goal is to be the best NaNo cheerleader ever!

    Sending my best *rah, rah* your way!

  4. It is so exciting when get hit by a new idea and the thoughts just fly. So happy for you. Enjoy and have fun writing. I'm itching for tuesday as well. Already thinking of scenes in my head. :)

  5. Your new idea sounds like it has you pumped! So glad you're doing Nano - I'll have to search you out on the Nano site. I think it's great that so many online friends are participating. It'll really help everyone keep engaged. Best wishes for the start of Nano!!

  6. That sounds exciting about your new idea. Good thing it hit right before NaNo! Hope the story turns into something great!

    Good job on your other goals. I have times where I read a lot, and others where I don't. No idea why it is hit and miss. Glad you got four books in, but I wouldn't be surprised if none get read during NaNo. It is going to be a busy month for you.

    Good luck on everything!

  7. well done and how exciting for a new idea to sail in at last minute like that - hope it goes well
    enjoy your tasty meals - I have to cook up a whole lot of stuff this week also

    all best for coming week and for nano - I'll maybe bump into you there - I'm alberta ross so easy to find!

  8. Thanks everyone for the kind words and motivation-- It really keeps me going!

    @Mistress--yeah, I'm not going to push on the reading goal. I figure I made up for whatever I don't end up reading in November! :D

    @Lauren and Alberta--On NaNo I am KatMorrisey. I will look for you over there as well!

  9. Congrats on completeing your goals! And good luck with NaNo :)