Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blog Update: Walk of Shame

I feel like I'm doing like a 'walk a shame' here with regard to my daily goal failures.  I've missed more than a few updates. I was doing so well with all my goals and blogging, and then it was like a pile of bricks fell on me.  Between my two jobs and school, I've barely had time to do anything, other than well, work and school.  As a result, my writing has fallen behind.  Now, don't get me wrong, I've been getting writing in everyday, it just hasn't been on my WIP.  The only plus side I can possibly make out of this whole debacle is that I did so well in the beginning of the challenge, I am not that far behind in the larger scheme of things.  But it's still frustrating and weighing heavily on the back of my mind.  It's like I have an unfinished to-do list and it's driving me bonkers that I'm not checking things off of it like I should be.

There has to be an upside though right?  Things can't stay hectic forever, can they?  My hope is that, once October 3rd comes, my life should be settling down and things won't be in perpetual upheaval. When that happens I can get back to my regularly scheduled blogging and writing. Now I'm off to check up on some blogs.  Hope everyone has a good week!  


  1. Sometimes life gets in the way! Work + school = a full schedule. No shame there. :) Your do-do list will still be there in October.

  2. That's why this the challenge for the life-inclined (or bludgeoned, as the case may be). Sometimes the real challenge is finding balance so you don't burn out.

    Good luck this week! :o)

  3. As someone with a similar situation, I have to say I understand. Main thing is to focus on your work but always remember to give yourself time for play too. Remember you are writing for yourself it is fun :D