Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Success! ROW80 Update

So here is the first update for ROW80 challenge.  Given that my goals are somewhat modest--writing a minimum of an hour a day and perusing the blogs of others doing the challenge at least twice a week--I can thus far say I'm  a success.  But then, it's only been a couple days.  The real challenge will be later this weekend and next week when work picks up.  Will I be able to stay on track then?  I hope so.  Cause I'm loving the progress I've made so far.  With one small hitch--the short story that is done and itching for the next step in this process.  That had me stumped most of yesterday and for part of today.

See, I'm working on two WIPs at the moment:  a short story which is done and I'm just finishing the editing phase of; and a novella, I think.  It could turn out to be a novel, depending on which direction I decide to take my main character.  The short story is so close to being done that I'm almost scared to finally say "it's done…" because well, then I'll have to decide what to do with it.  In my journey to the blogs of others in the ROW80 challenge I have found some great resources and helpful hints on what to do but I really, at this point, am wishing I had someone to read it and really give me an honest and thoughtful critique.  I get so self-conscious letting others read what I write, that I really don’t have anyone in my life who I trust enough to tell me the absolute truth about it and be constructive.  I really do not want the "ohhh I think that is greaaatttt!" responses I know many of my non-writer friends would give me.  Ya know, like when a kid brings home an atrocious painting from 2nd grade and insists it’s a dog when in reality it looks like road kill--of course the kids loved ones are gonna say it’s the next damn Mona Lisa, while on the inside wondering how long it's gotta stay on the fridge.  That's what I fear will happen if I give my friends a shot at reading my short story--I love them to death, but being non-writers and people who, well, just "don’t get" my love of writing, I know I won't get the advice I need. 

As for the novella, I used part of my day off from work to kick word count butt and ended up writing an insane amount--just over four thousand words to be exact.  And I really could keep writing, but I need to break for dinner, since I skipped lunch.  I'm truly shocked, but I was on such a roll that I just couldn’t stop. I got the main action of the story outlined, developed the characters a bit more, and almost finished a really important scene --the one that will kick off the major events and well the whole rest of the story really. This had been something I had been struggling with since I started this WIP, so yeah I am quite proud of myself at the moment.  I'm sure I will have to go back and change around some things and revise, but that’s okay, cause I know I got some good stuff down. That I am confident about, for once.  After a day like today, I think I deserve a margarita as a reward with dinner!

So I now am off to forage for some food, and that margarita, and then may return to more writing if I still feel inclined.  I love days like this; days when I can go to bed knowing I accomplished something important.  And to me, this was important.  Suddenly, after realizing how much I got done on the second WIP, the concerns I have for my short story aren't so heavy on my shoulders.  I can decide about my plans for that short story later…and just enjoy the success that was today's writing for a little bit longer.  I think all of us writers deserve that--the reveling and enjoyment of our success, whether its when we complete an important scene or an entire novel, or really anything in our long lists of 'to-dos' and goals.  It helps to balance the frustration, stops and starts, and writer's block that many of us go through.  The successes keep us going, and rewards--whether in the form of a margarita, pina colada, walk around the block, or whatever one would choose for themselves--help us get through those roadblocks we encounter on our writing journeys. 


  1. Great progress, Kat; getting into the habit may help even when work picks up. Also, you can easily tweak your goals up or down in ROW80 (I'm loving the flexibility.

    Glad to have you with us on this round!


  2. Congrats on sticking with your goals so far, Kat!

    And I am the exact same way with my writing (about not trusting anyone in my life to read it). I found the community at Writer's Digest Forums about 2 years ago and I love it! I get people to critique my work who don't know me but actually know what I'm talking about. It's actually how I found ROW80.

    If you end up stopping by, my tag is Stratton. And if not, well good luck on the rest of ROW80. I'm with Nancy, I love the flexibility :)

  3. @belledamesansmerci: thanks and yes the flexibility is great, and I don't feel pressured by trying to meet a certain word count. I'm much better at shooting for a specific amount of time.

    @Lisa Rose: Thank you as well! I will be checking out Writer's Digest forums; cause that sort of thing sounds like just what I'm looking for!

    fyi--I get so excited when I see people have read my blog and commented. I'm still so new at this, but it definitely gives me the motivation to keep up the writing AND the blogging. So thanks all!