Monday, July 11, 2011

Stressed but Surviving (ROW80 Update)

Let me start this off by saying that I feel very unmotivated today. It's hotter than Hades outside and so I'm cooped up inside with the blinds drawn and the fan on, trying to stay cool. On top of that I'm dog sitting for my sister--her dog is huge and she is hot and miserable (the dog, not my sister; though my sister might be too, considering she is camping in this furnace).  So I've been a nervous wreck, putting ice cubes in the dog's water dish to keep it cold, and keeping a fan on for her.  Perhaps a bit overboard, but I blame the news--they keep freaking me out with stories about pets getting sick from the heat.  Add that on top of stress from work, waiting to hear whether I got into grad school and just some unnecessary drama I'm dealing with, well  it is no surprise to anyone who knows me that I've been wound tighter than a spring of late.  But...almost happily, I will end my rant-fest there, because despite the craziness, there has been a bit of a silver lining, at least in regards to my writing and the ROW80 goals.

Yes, I have found time to write every day for a minimum of an hour (yesterday it was four!) since last check in. I went through what I'd written earlier in the week and re-arranged some things, even added about three scenes that I find are necessary to fit the expanding story.  Writing, for me, is a great outlet to get stuff out and off my chest; an opportunity to just vent through the lives of my characters.  And I have definitely needed to vent.   It just feels good to just shut myself inside, turn the phone off and  just write for a little bit each day.  

So overall I am pretty darn proud of myself with the progress of my ROW80 goals.  Now, I turn my attention back to my WIP and set the clock.  Onward I go to the next goal post!   After I refill the dog's water dish, adjust the fan, and perhaps do a rain dance for good measure.


  1. My attempts haven't gone over too well, but I'm glad yours have. Congratulations on a great first week! Also, I understand about the heat. Where I live it seems like a never-ending cycle of sun and no rain.

  2. Great job with your writing this week! It's a great idea to use your writing as an outlet too. Keep it up!
    Sounds like you're taking great care of the dog. I give my kitties ice in heir water when it's this hot too, but I think they just like to play with the cubes!

  3. @Jazzyintentions: thanks for the comment! I will do the rain dance for you too then--seems we both need it!

    @Jennifer Wells: Thanks! My cat looks at the ice with a bit of annoyance whenever I put the ice in, like a "how dare you defile my water with that frozen cube!?" kinda look!

    As a side note, one of the reasons I am loving this challenge is because it is not only helping me actually take the time I need to write, but also I'm learning so much from all of you guys, and the support from everyone is just awesome. Definitely gives me that boost I need when I am feeling unmotivated! So thanks all!

  4. Great job! Hope things even out for your soon in the rest of life.