Monday, July 4, 2011

ROW80: Round 3 Goals

So here we go, I'm diving right in, getting ready to start ROW80, round 3. I am  really glad I found this challenge, because this will really jump start the works in progress (ie. WIPs) I have in a stack on my desk, and in my nightstand.  My goal for this round:
  • Write, or work on my stack of WIPs and/or my blog at least an hour a day, whether that be actually writing, editing, or revising or a combination thereof.
  • Check in on the other blogs twice a week, both the ROW80 blogs and the ones I follow, to engage, discuss and hopefully, stay inspired.  

I think that is really my biggest problem. I don't devote enough time to writing.  Or what happens is, I write for a huge block of time, and then burn out and set it aside for weeks out of frustration and/or exhaustion.  I need to break that habit and make better ones. That's why I'm diving into ROW80 and setting a measurable goal that I can check off on my calendar every day.  I need to start getting serious and have a minimum amount of time I write every day and then go from there.  The goals will also help to get me in the habit of blogging, which I'm pretty new at, and learning from others who have been doing this a lot longer than me!

Between work, writing,  working out, and the every day stuff like laundry, cleaning, gardening and whatnot, I probably won't have time for much else, but oddly, I'm not too worried about that. I need to get my list of priorities straight.  And writing needs to move up a few notches on that list.

I may end up adding a goal or two along the way, but in terms of measurable goals for ROW80, that is it for now. I figure as I continue with the ROW80 challenges I can up the ante, but I want to start small and not overwhelm myself.  I know it will end badly if I get overwhelmed; badly meaning it will end with me being frustrated and wanting to quit.  

So...wish me luck and all that, and I'll be checking in on Sundays and Wednesdays, as best as I can, to let my other ROW80 comrades know how I'm doing, and getting inspiration from their own check ins.  Good luck and see ya Wednesday!!


  1. good luck with your goals for this round!

  2. Great goals and the best thing about ROW80 is that you can always change them later! Before I started this challenge (back in Round 1) I had some of the same problems with my writing, but ROW80 really helped me find my stride...