Thursday, June 30, 2011

Letting Vulnerabilities Inspire Creativity and Writing

I just read an amazing blog post, How Vulnerable is Your Writing? | Jami Gold, Paranormal Author . In deciding to make a comment, I started making some notes and scratches on a pad, and realized that I had way too much to say, and so, hence this blog post, about her blog post. I know, confusing right? But well, I find myself having so much to say about this subject, that I just have to post a blog on the topic.

This is the comment I made in response to her blog:

“In looking back at my writing--from the time when I refused to let me, the writer, into my stories/characters at all--to now, where I've learned to open myself up a little, the transformation is quite shocking. My stories and characters are more alive, more tangible to me, and I hope will be others, when I peek over the walls I've so skillfully built up over the years. I need to bookmark this, so whenever I forget to open up as a writer or feel my works are stunted and distant, I have a reminder to really crack open my characters, as well as myself.”

I think this issue of letting ourselves, the writer, become vulnerable and to not be afraid of it in our writing, is something that so many writers deal with way too frequently, but don’t necessarily address often.